What do Women Want?

what women want What do Women Want?

What do women want? If you had asked me that a few years back I probably would have given you some jaded answer like: “Girls say they want a nice smart guy, but they really only care about looks” or “douche bag touch guy” or another favorite of mine “guys that play in bands”. I was in a transition myself, becoming the man I wanted to be. Not really understanding why some girls were into me, and why the ones I really like, the ones I tried really hard to get their attention, passed me over without a second thought. The way some women can be so mean and heartless, the way they don’t appreciate how nice and attentive you think you are being to them can make you really angry. You start to think it is unfair, girls don’t appreciate a good man, they don’t care if a guy is a gentleman or not, they couldn’t spot a good man if he fell right on top of them; and lastly, what a girl says she whats, and what she actually gos for are two COMPLETELY different things; and you know what? Your right!

Ask a woman what she wants. Really go ask. I will guess what she says she wants by using my super awesome psychic powers….I got it: All things that would make her mommy proud, am I right? Of course I’m right! Lets run down the list of typical responses: Nice guy, who has a good job, wants children, treats her with respect, has morals, so on and so forth. Of course women want all that from a rational point of view, but those things often times do not satisfy her EMOTIONAL needs. This is where a lot of men miss the mark because they never even saw it to begin with.

Going back to being jaded, the problem wasn’t that the woman didn’t appreciate the nice things you do, its that your not demonstrating the qualities women find attractive in men. Men, like myself at one point thought that being nice and caring is the best way to a woman’s heart. To show that your a nice, normal, regular guy. Non threatening, with a fast food physique, and boyish looks. The kind she could take home to mama. The problem is that women don’t want a regular guy. They want their diamond in the rough, just like any man does.

So what do you do? First off, understand that women,  just like men, qualify you or disqualify you as a potential match within seconds of meeting you. If a woman disqualifies you, their is nothing you can do directly to change her mind. Their are indirect things you can do, which have NOTHING to do with changing her mind, but rather, changing her mood, but we will cover that in another post. Next, you must kill Mr Nice. I don’t care how you do it. You are an assassin and you have a mission. Push him off a cliff, put him in a cage match with a grizzly bear, blast him off into outer space. Whatever you have to do to get it done, just get it done. Now, I don’t mean you should be a jerk. What I mean is if being nice and overly accommodating is part of your game plan to win a woman’s heart your going to fail miserably and be stomped all over by her, like a doormat, except your heart is the doormat (not fun). If you want to do nice things for her then great! Just do nice things sincerely, without an agenda. Be respectful of her as well. Being respectful does not mean having to ask for permission, or doing nice things then expecting something in return. Being respecting means to acknowledge and be courteous of her boundaries, needs, and space.

What do women want? They don’t even know. Their rational side says nice guys, but all girls just end up responding to their emotional programing. What she is attracted to naturally; and unfortunately for Mr Nice, nice is not something she is programed to be attracted to naturally. What I mean by naturally is the following. I don’t have to convince you to be attracted to this:

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YOU JUST ARE. It is the same thing with women, only its not so much looks with women, as it is with men. It is a combination of things for women: The right style, looks, leadership, social skills, dominance, strength, confidence. Jerks tend to have a lot of these qualities :) that’s why you see beautiful women with an idiot boyfriend. Women will over look serious character flaws if you demonstrate the right qualities, but so will men. A good example is the above girl. A lot of men if they had a chance with her, would overlook and minimize a serious character flaws with her, because her beauty is unmatched by most. Beauty, is one of the things that men find attractive in women.

To wrap this discussion up on answering what do women want, let me just say that none of us really ever make a decision on who were with based on reason and facts. That’s not how nature intended it. Love, sex, and romance, is not a math problem. God knew what the heck he was doing in order for the human race to keep producing off spring. It is all emotional for all of us. Think about it for a moment and you will come to agree with me. Men and women respond to those around us who demonstrate the qualities we are naturally programed to be attracted to. Women want excitement and adventure and will often choose what feels good rather than what is good for her.

What do women want:

Someone to compliment their nature. Someone who is strong in ways they are weak. Their opposite but equal. One of the most meaningful relationships I ever had was with a Pakistani Muslim girl. We were so opposite from the exterior, but as two people we had a lot in common. I was strong where she was weak and vice verse. We were also equals. Equal meaning, take the beautiful blond girl above. Can you approach this girl with confidence or is she “out of your league”? If you feel she is out of your league then your not equals.

Dominance and leadership. Think Donald Trump or Richard Branson. Its not about the money. Its the dominance a girl likes about these two men. The men in our society who have dominance are the ones with the cash. Men often mistake that women only want money. A woman’s status is tied to the man she is with so women always want to get a man with the highest possible status they can get, which just happens to be rich me.

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