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Automatic Rebilling & how Dating Sites are in TROUBLE

online dating sites Automatic Rebilling & how Dating Sites are in TROUBLE

Automatic re-billing is just what it sounds like. Automatically re-billing your credit card for a service you signed up for, month after month, with you only having to authorize the first charge, and it never ending until you actually tell them to STOP. What kind of online services do this? Membership sites of course. Think Eharmony or This re-billing process is part of the terms of service when you sign up, so when you agree to pay or Eharmony, your agreeing to allow your payment source to be re-billed month after month, or until you take action and cancel the service.

We can all easily guess why companies do this. Sure they say it is for the convenience of the consumer, but who they kidding? It’s for the money. It’s for that person that doesn’t cancel after their one 1$ weekend trial, its for that person that becomes busy with life and work and forgets they signed up for the service, its for that person that is not exactly sure when the billing period begins or ends, and its even for that oblivious person who just assumes that once the month is over, its over and that’s it. Re-billing is a very annoying part of online dating and membership sites in general, though I am not sure what a better solution would be. Thinking about it, their probably is not a better solution per say, but rather perhaps their could be a better practice set in place, a code of conduct if you will. Companies should have set standards on what they can and can not do. Companies running membership sites must disclosed up front to the consumer their billing practice, instead of in the boiler plate legalise. So that consumers can make a conscious decision, and not be tricked or pressured by clever marketing triggers. Many times, this re-billing process is kept in the fine print. Re-billing has become somewhat of a norm though, consumers have grown to expect their card to be re-billed, however, that should not change the the argument that companies to disclose better, their re-billing practices upfront to consumers. Read More…

Breakup with your Bank: End the Abusive Relationship

dysfunctional Breakup with your Bank: End the Abusive Relationship

Side Note: This has nothing to do with dating, relationships, love, romance, or male or female preferences.

I know a dysfunctional relationship when I see one, particularly when it is staring me right in the face. This goes out to the millions and millions of you out their who are stuck in a long term abusive relationship.

You know who you are. Those of you staying in a relationship long after it’s turned bad. Sticking around despite the abuse. Even though it has gotten worse and worse over the years. Hanging on only because it seems easier than breaking up…because where else are you going to go?

Yep, I’m talking to all of you who do your banking at one of the gigantic “too big to fail” Wall Street banks. The big banks that brought our economy to the brink of disaster. Then had to be rescued with trillions of dollars of our tax payer money. Which then turned around and repaid us for the bailout by hiring lobyists to convince our leaders in Washington to kill financial reform. Read More…

Eharmony sucks, Neil Clark Warren Wants Your Money

neil clark eharmony Eharmony sucks, Neil Clark Warren Wants Your Money

Eharmony sucks and Neil Clark Warren wants your money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an entrepreneur and I want your money too so I can focus on Supr Awesm full time and not part time. BUT ONLY if you get value out of what I provide. I don’t want your money if your not happy. Now, I know that all this sounds a bit harsh and I’m sure Neil Clark  is a nice old man who likes to dink a hot cup of chamomile herbal tea as he reads at night, but he is the mascot of Eharmony, so its nothing personal, its just that eharmony sucks, they don’t provide enough value in my opinion for the price, they take your money for a weak, over-rated, match making service that leaves many users jaded about online dating SO, it’s time to fix that. Here is why Eharmony sucks, Neil Clark Warren want your money, and what I would do to make it better. Read More…

Zoosk is Killin it, but is friending & Dating a killer Idea?

zoosk friends with benefits

Zoosk at first was a Facebook app,but now its a full fledged site of its own at it is killing it; but I have to admit, Zoosk confuses me.  Zoosk is all about web 2.0, mixing your social network with your “other” social dating network that you probobly don’t talk about. Basically Zoosk allows your Facebook friends to be active participants in your love life, from the highs of meeting someone new, to the crushing blow of being dumbed. All with your Facebook friends their each step of the way. What a fantastic idea…

I like the idea of social dating, (me and my friends go out with you and your friends) but  Facebook friends having a say in my dating life is a god awful idea. Regardless of privacy concerns, and measuring the cost of not sharing; friends know things. Personal things, about you. Things you may not want a new  boyfriends or girlfriends to know, since all new relationships invole a little bit of white lying at first. Read More…