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The 19 Deadly Signs of Cheating

signs of cheating

I think your sexy baby, I’m planing on breaking it off with her in no time. Do I have a boyfriend? Oh no, I’m just dating a few guys (riiight). Cheating. Nothing sucks more than betrayal. Why do people do it? The answer to that is as obviously as complex as people are; but from what I’ve seen, men need a place and girls need a reason. Meaning: Generally, guys will cheat if they can get away with it. It a biological bonus. When we say she meant nothing to us, we mean it. It was really just for sex. Though if you ask Tiger Wood’s wife or any woman for that matter that answer is about as aceptable as telling her you gambled away all your money because you were drunk.Girls though, cheat up, or when their not happy and fulfilled in their current relationship. If their dating some regular guy and they have the chance to sleep with Robb Pattinson, your damn right their probably going to go for it! Also, if their not happy with their current man, then absolutely they will be looking for someone who makes them feel the way they want and need to.

I don’t love you anymore. When the one your with says this to you, they mean it. Their is no going back, their is nothing you can do. Well their is something you can do, move on. Separate from one another and find someone else, but I’m sure many of you are stubborn like me, so if you want some tips on how to win an ex back, their you go and good luck. Inadvertently both of you will have feelings for one another, but when the other half makes up their mind that they no longer have feelings of intimacy towards you, its over. Don’t waste another minute of your life, learn your lessons, move on, and get going on living a happy life! Read More…

Dating Men, Dating Women: U Love Dating?

dating men

This is the third part of a three part series on men moving to fast sexually, women  moving too fast emotionally, how this makes dating difficult, and some solutions. Part 1 was on men moving fast sexually and part 2 was the discussion on women moving fast emotionally.

Men have a tendency that is very annoying to girls. They  move fast too sexually within a relationship. Guys meeting a girl off line and inviting them over their house immediately, getting a bit too touchy feely to quickly, being overly aggressive when you don’t even know each other. What this translates into for girls can be summed up into one phrase: Men are only interested in me for sex.

Men: Girls are just as interested in sex as men, if not more. Sex is fun and it does a body good. The difference primarily is that for women, sex is not on the mind constantly like the way it is with men. Women live in a state of worry and anxiety. While men think everything is fine, girls have on their mind, a sense of worry and concern about there safety, their family, their physical appearance, their finances, their relationships. Perfect example: I dated a girl, everything was going fine. I drove 40 minutes to her store (she owned her own small business) and she introduced me to one of her friends. I took a genuine interest in her friend and talked with her about who she is as a person, what her goals are and what she would like to accomplish.  Read More…

Guys Move too Fast Physically

moving fast sexually

This is the first part of a three part series on men moving to fast sexually, women  moving too fast emotionally, how this makes dating difficult, and some solutions. As always, feedback always welcome.

“I am just so tired of guys moving too fast sexually at the beginning of a relationship, where are all the gentleman?” I’m sure this phrase sounds familiar to many girls reading this. So why  do men move so fast? Why do so many men invite women on the second or third date to have sex. Why do so many men cheat. Some men may even dump a woman if she won’t put out. What the hell is going on? Where are all the gentlemen? Lets talk about human sexuality for a moment.

Our ancestors were not always monogamous. Throwing ethics out the window for a moment, when a man is in a long term relationship, any extra sexual activity feels like a genetic bonus. Its a freebie, a potential off spring that will carry the males genes into the next generation AND he didn’t not have to take care off it (of course this is not so in todays modern world, but put yourself back 1000 years).  Modern men are NOT descended from those males who turned down opportunities to have sex.  We come from those males who sometimes took those options. Its a low risk high gain situation, as such men are not as particular as women on who they sleep with.

For girls however, an affair is a high risk high gain wager. Its not like a girl can have an affair and the guy, and the guy is going to get pregnant, and he will be saddled with the kid for the next couple of decades. No. It is the woman who will be saddled with the kid. Because of this, women cheat up. Unlike men who low risk high gain situation drives them to cheat with whatever the can get. Take Hugh Grant for example:  Read More…