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How To Overcome Shyness

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Ok so your shy. Like being tall, short, smart or stupid, popular or dorky. You were born this way. Shyness comes on a spectrum: At one end is the total wuss. On the other end is the over confident extreme called  ”Kanye West“. You want to be in the middle sweet spot. Not a wimp, or a narcissistic jerk. Just a self confident guy or girl… or at least be able to fake it.

You can never truly overcome shyness, it is apart of your pesonality, but you can control it, besides, stop worrying. We have all been there (except maybe Kanye…ok Ill stop!) at one time or another. Lets set the stage, your grocery shopping and you see someone in the frozen section and your reaction is “wow who is that”. Well dressed, sexy, interesting. Just the type you would like to meet but always complain to your friends that you never meet. You never get to meet someone like that because you take no action.  Your palms end up getting sweaty, your heart races a bit, you become more aware yourself and the other person. Whats the right approach you think? What if they think I’m creepy, or annoying, what if there dating someone, what if there married. Paralyzed with nervousness, you watch the person you’ve been looking for walk away. Then you wonder where they went, maybe could find them again and then strike up a conversation, but its too late. There gone. You fail. Game over. Read More…

Focus on what you Control

dating Focus on what you Control

If you suck at dating and sometime struggle with life, remember, focus on what you can control. Your looks, what you say, how you come off to people, how you dress. You have more control over your life than you probably believe, and once you take responsibility for your life and take responsibility for the good and bad things that happen, you will come to realize that instead of being defeated by setbacks, you learn that you  actually get the best results controlling the things you really can, and the worst results trying to control those things you pointlessly cannot. So the two main things you control are 1) your actions and 2) your attention to things, and not much else.

Think about it, you do control your actions, no matter what your feeling may be telling you. Sky dive out of a plane? You may take action and jump out that plane, but somewhere in your head your saying WTF am I doing? Want that guy to notice you, and approach you, ask you out, but instead of making things happen your too  shy to approach him. Whether you do or don’t is entirely up to you, and so are the results. Next up, your attention. You control how you direct your attention. Focus on things that make you happy or focus on things that bring sadness. Its up to you. You can give lots of attention  with much openness and interest, or you can ignore it all together. Much like that guy who doesn’t have a clue and won’t stop texting you.. but thats another story. Read More…

Anti-Aging Brain Exercises to stay sharp

super jigsaw puzzle 298x300 Anti Aging Brain Exercises to stay sharp

Charm, wit, conversation. Intelligence is attractive no doubt, and is a quality that you should value when dating. Think about it. You work to keep your body in shape, you work to make something of yourself, you yourself should also work to keep your mind sharp by various brain exercises.  The result will be when you find someone; they will appreciates you not just for what you look like, but also for your sharp mind.

Mental work out once a day

The last few decades have show that, senility, while not a foregone conclusion, for any one of us, is at least more heavily influenced by lifestyle and not age; and on top of that, can usually be reversed by diet or medication. So believe in the possibility and take some proactive steps while your young.

The stereotype of a demented old person, is just that, a stereotype. It is more myth than medical fact. Aging does not automatically mean the loss of your cognitive skills anymore than it means you will develop caner, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, or any other disease supposedly associated with old age. –studies have shown– that mental activity can remain strong even past the 100 year mark! While some do develop some form of senility later in life, the vast majority can live out their lives mentally intact. To end up like this, it is important to have a mental work out once a day. Read More…

Life Sucks then you Die

suck at life

The tag line for this site is “find love and be happy”. A simple and descriptive line, but make no mistake the finding love part is difficult, and holding on to that feeling of happiness has been a burning struggle for people for a millenia. Revolutions have occurred because people were unhappy with their lot in life. Falling in love with someone else is easily one of the most satisfying and fulfilling parts of life. It can lead to a powerful sensation of completeness and happiness. To the point where you don’t need anything else because you don’t want anything else. I hope everyone reading this to experience it. So why is it such a challenge for some people? Finding that love puts you on a surprising path of personal growth. Read More…