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How to get your EX back

how to get your ex back

You broke up. SO you want to know how to get your ex back? Well grab something to drink and do a little reading because I am about to tell you. First off, its more complicated and we need to break down the different types of breakups. Who did the break up and what were the circumstances around the destruction of your relationship. It should be clear, dating a guy is different from dating a girl, and dating a girl is different from dating a guy. First off lets go over some basic things for both sexes.

Keep contact directly after the break up to a minimum

Breaking up sucks, it is emotional and both of you are not in a clear state of mind. When someone is your ex, let them be your ex for a while so you can collect your thoughts and think more rationally about what happened. Take one of my friends, lets call him James (its not James btw). James is a decent guy, dated this girl for over a year, was never really sure about his feelings for his girl. His girl though, was in love with James. The two were going about there relationship nicely, until his girlfriend bought a condo and asked James to move in. James hesitated. Thoughts ran through his head :

Living Together: Engagement: Marriage: Rest of his life: A Very Unhappy James

So James, instead of being a man and breaking it off with his girlfriend,  made up excuses as to why he wouldn’t move in. Frustrated with James, not simply over this issue, but also a culmination of reasons. Which can  basically be summed up as James inability to be the man she wants, because he never really wanted to be her man in the first place. Went out with two guys she just meet at the condo complex she just moved into. Two guys Jame never meet. Can you guess what happened? Yep she cheated on James. Relationship over.

Now, James never even wanted to date her really, but now he is all messed up in the head, wanting to know how to get your ex back. The moral of the story is that you need time apart from one another. Sure they may start dating someone else, but usually rebound relationships are full of problems. Spending time apart is the best way to ensure you get your ex back. Take a few months, don’t call, don’t text, don’t ANYTHING. This is what I told my friend James. Time apart allowed him to clear his head, and realize that he never wanted to be with her in the first place. He was just being emotional. Next Up: Read More…

Sex, it does a body good

Sex inn sighn 300x200 Sex, it does a body good

I hit the gym for a list of reasons. At the top, it is to keep in shape, to look and feel good, be attractive to girls, and relieve stress. I also get a sense of accomplishment when I run through a good workout. As I’m sure many of you out their would agree, we are all quicker to hit the gym than the sheets when it comes to taking care of ourselves; but as anyone who has had sex before knows, having sex does a body good. Seriously. Having fun, regular, active sex, brings about good physiological benefits…assuming you don’t catch an STD obviously.

Wheres the proof? Well apart from getting it on yourself and finding out, a credible study from the Queens University in Belfast tracked the mortality of around 1,000 middle-aged guys over the course of a decade. The point was to compare guys of similar age and health to sexual frequency. Its findings, which were  published back in ‘97 in the British Medical Journal, were that men who reported climaxing the most enjoyed a death rate of half to the rest of the group. Half! So guys who get it on regularly die half as often to those who don’t. So much for abstinence.

Sex does a body good and sex and dating go hand in hand. Now, I am not talking about hooking up with random people you just meet. Super Awesome Dating is about dating. If your looking just for sex, they have sites for that. I’m talking about regular sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend in a normal stable relationship. Sex in this regard, had tons of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental benefits. Lets run through a few of them (based on the study, and maybe a little personal experience) Read More…

Does he love Me?

he love me

You love your girl friend right? Does she know? “Yea, why wouldn’t she”? You might be thinking. I’ll share a tough lesson learned. Girls like to be reassure of how you feel about them….on a regular basis mind you. Does he love me? Does he still love me? You may think that when the day comes when you marry them and say “I do” that your professing you love to the world about how you feel about them, that now the deal is done and your off the hook. Well the deal is never done for girls. Their tends to be an underlininginsecurity with girls, no matter how good the relationship. For example:

  • When she asks do you love me, even though you didn’t do anything to indicate other-wise.
  • Wants to talk, talk, talk about your relationship, a topic not really enjoyed by too many guys.
  • Takes your need for space as indication that you don’t feel as strongly for her, or that your tired of her. Read More…

When to End a Long-Term Relationship

end long term relationship

When do you hit the ejection button and end a long term relationship? Well if your crazy in love then obviously that thought does not even occur, but perhaps it should. Let me explain.

Relationships in where one person does not feel as strongly as the other are not uncommon.  Truthfully, itt is one of the reasons why people break up to begin with. So how do you know if that’s your relationship? Well keep reading and see if the below describe you.

(Oh and to be quick, if reading this you realize your the person that has second thoughts, that thinks to themselves, I don’t love them as much as they love me. Do yourself and your gf/bf a favor then, and break it off. No sense in having two unhappy people.)

Its just average

Nothing really to complain about, but it is just average. You have fun spending time together, your family thinks your boyfriend/girlfriend are great. You two get along for the most part, you don’t really fight, everything is just bumping along uneventfully. A 7 out of 10 lets say. So what do you do? Stay or go? Well it is a 7 out of 10 because one half is in love and the other half is not. If your the half that is not, then being in an ambivalent state is the worst:

  • It’s when you realize that what you have is a blessing.
  • That you are lucky to have found someone who loves you, you have grown to be content.
  • The thought of leaving and being alone again, single and looking is something you want to avoid.

If you develop the courage to end a long term relationship. It will in the beginning feel like you made a mistake because inadvertently you will have feeling for the other person. However you will never find true love and happiness.  Just remember, you are holding yourself back from a truly rewarding, not an average.  Your also allowing the other person to find someone who loves them just as much back.

Read More…