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Let It Be After a Breakup

let go1 Let It Be After a Breakup

When I woke up this morning with my desire to share my thoughts on this site I started writing on my sexy little net-book about how to “let go” after a breakup. Obviously this is now titled let it be after a breakup. Here is why. “Let it go” implies taking a passive approach, and if your anything like me, I am never passive in love or in life. If I simply told you how to just let them go I think I would be leading you astray, since I would be telling you to perform active forgetting towards a very strong emotion. Trying to actively forget a strong emotion is impossible, you can not do it. Over time emotional intensity falls, but seriously, you can not just magically forget how you feel towards something over night, their is no ebook or 10 easy steps you can read, buy, or take. It simply takes time, so since you will not be forgetting any time soon, why pretend otherwise? Hence, lets talk about how to let it be after a breakup and NOT how to let it go since any strong emotion be it anger or love sticks in your mind for some time and you just can not forget it. Like thinking about a purple cow with  black spots. See, now I got you thinking about what a a purple cow with black spots. Sorry about that. Moving on.

Let it Be

Let it be, let it be, oh let it be. Sounds like a country song doesn’t it? Let it be will inevitably mean slightly different things to you than it does to me. Here is what it means for me. Confront your feelings, understand your feelings, and LEARN from your feelings. Let it go for me means to hide from your feelings so that you can eventually forget them. Once you forget them you have successfully let them go and you can now move on with your life. This is not usually how it works out though. Do not be delusional in a pointless goal to protect yourself from the truth. The truth hurts sometimes, but that is the only way you will improve, learn and grow. Breaking up with someone is like getting fired from a job. It is not fun, it is awkward, but it typically is for the best. Letting a broken up relationship “be” means your not trying to fix the relationship, your not trying to make it work with your ex, your not thinking about ways to win back your ex. Your trying to fix yourself, your trying to make yourself into your higher self. You do this through taking a personal inventory, something I regularly do. Ask yourself: Read More…

Be Authentic In Love and Life

BE YOURSELF Be Authentic In Love and Life

Be authentic in love and life and you will not only be more successful in your romantic relationships, but also in every interaction you have with other people in your life. Having authenticity means you are true to who you are:  Who you are is made up of 1) your values and 2) your core beliefs. When projecting a persona and personality, you are not attempting to trick anyone into thinking your something your not. That move which many of us fall into, will come off as fake and contrived since it is not congruent with who you are. If you strive to make changes to your values and beliefs in order to better yourself that is another matter. Like if you value intelligence, strength, confidence, sexiness, working down a path of personal development to internalize those values and to project those values is not fake and contrived, it is a genuine effort with your heart in the right place. It will eventually be authentic.

Let’s take a look at one of my college friends who fell down the fake and contrived path. Lets call him James (not his real name). James was and is a nerdy, dorky guy. He was studying accounting because he did not want to be like his dad and brother who were computer programmers (because accounting is cool and sexy? Who knows). On top of that he was also over weight much of his life. As such, life can be cruel and James was bullied and harassed up through high school. Desperately wanting to fit in, get girls, and make friends when he went off to college, he tried to “act” cool instead of just BEING cool. Read More…

Are Female MMA Fighters Hot?

women fighting2 Are Female MMA Fighters Hot?

Well this question came out of left field for sure, a girl wants to know if men think female UFC fighters are “hot” as she put it. Women kicking ass, with their big manly muscles and deadly close combat techniques to inflict pain on their opponent, while all going on in front of a roaring crowd of fans. Here is her question:

Everyone I know loves to watch MMA events, but I have been noticing that the female events are not as popular as the men events are. It got me thinking though, do you and other men think cage match fighting for women is hot or not? If not why?

Masculine women fighting in a cage, breaking each other bones, punching each other in the face, watching their noses bleed and them getting knocked out unconscious is not particularly a turn on for me (not big surprise), but that is just me. Maybe other guys like that sort of thing if their into sexual deviance like submission and domination, but I would bet otherwise.

Women Fighting Read More…

What if you do Achieve Your Goals?

won a goal What if you do Achieve Your Goals?

I have been thinking about this for some time, what if you do achieve your goals and you do end up getting everything you ever wanted? Or at least, everything you think you want, right now, at this moment in time? What if you did have the relationship you want, and the family you want, and the money you want, the travel you want, the adventure you want, the sex you want? Would you be happy and fulfilled? I have come to the conclusion that it really depends. It depends on if the goal is goal driven or if it is value driven. The difference between the two does makes all the difference in the world.

Are you Goal Driven?

Having the relationship, the sex, the money, the family, the career, all sounds nice, but why then are some people who seem to have it all so unhappy and self destructive at sometimes, while others seem to be on top of the world with having the same amount? Take me for example, since I am a great example for this. When I went off to college my goals were to have a girlfriend, have lots of sex (sorry, but lets be honest), make friends, get good grades, do an internship, and land a fantastic first job. Mission accomplished, I ordered from the universe probably the most common and generic goals possible and that’s what was delivered to me. Though seemingly I had it all: the looks, the girls, the grades, the money, the success, I was unhappy.

I had the meaningless bedroom romps, and the unfulfilling relationship with a girl who I had no business of dating, I got the good grades in a subject matter that bored me to death, ended up getting a high paying “good” first job by any standard that left me wanting more out of life. Well that backfired in my face I thought! Like I talked about in my about me page, I took a step back and asked myself, why did things happen this way? What am I doing wrong? What can I do differently to get better results? Read More…

How To Talk To Girls

how to talk to her1 How To Talk To Girls

Welcome to the greatest,  most definitive blog post on how to talk to girls. Lets get right to it. This post is targeted at guys who are searching Google on tips and tricks on how to approach beautiful girls they see in school, at bars, at parties, the grocery store, whatever. I know what attracts girls and I know how to approach and talk to them, so listen up, and follow my lead. If you have an oppinion, I would love to hear it in the comments.

Before you approach a girl, pay attention to her surroundings. Why? Because you do not want to come off like your bothering her. That your interrupting her. You do not want to be that annoying creepy guy. Perfect example. My brothers wife is a very beautiful woman and I saw her shopping at our local Walmart. On my way over to say hello some random guy just wanders over to her and asks “Have you seen The Waltons” then proceeds to ask her how she likes Walmart (she was in the video section). While it is great this guy had the confidence to approach her, his approach was  just dumb. He should have had a least a little bit of consciousness of what she was doing, instead he just rudely interrupting her. Now I know this may seem pretty obvious to some of you out their, but trust me, I have seen enough guys do this. Attempting to talk to a girl by simply wandering over saying “hey babe how you doing their, come to Walmart often”, then touch her or do something stupid. How romantic. If you want to talk to a girl, approach her when she is not preoccupied, busy, or looks like she is stressed and thinking about something. Read More…