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Date Check: Online Dating Site Bumbs Beware

date check app for apple iphone performs background checks

Wow, talk about big brother/stalking/invasion of privacy. Get this, an iphone app that appeared at demo is going to allow the users of the iphone to use social media and the web to do on-the-spot background checks. The app is called Date Check…but should be called date stalk if you want my opinion. The app’s tag-line is pretty cute, “look up before you hook up” . It gives the user a comprehensive report of who ever by just plugging in a name, phone number, or email address. By this, Date Check can help you weed out undesirables, but it can also let you know if you found someone great. The breakout of the information is into 5 categories: Sleaze Detector, Compatibility, Net Worth, Living Situation, and Interests. It gets its data by scouring the web for public information.

The Sleaze Detector will show the really important stuff, like, criminal records (think to catch a predator), sexual offences, drunk driving arrests..the kind of stuff that matters.  The Compatibility is a novelty, it simply uses cliche compatibility tests, like matching up the astrological signs of you and your date and drawing conclusions from that. Net Worth is very invasive. It highlights your assets, and property purchases, even down to the details of that purchase. For example:  how many beds and baths that home or condo has, size of the lot and so forth. What if you live with your parents and are going on a first date and don’t want to get into the living situation discussion? Well too bad! Thanks to Living Situation,  it will pull data from social sites your on like Facebook, Myspace, Bebo to determine if your on your own, have roommates, or bunk at your parents house. Read More…

Sell yourself on Craigslist Personals

sealing the deal on love

Life is about selling, and your in it to close. Everyone has something to sell: A thing, idea, or even a dream. Sealing the deal is the only path to the life you want which makes selling  no joke. It is power, and those who have it use it form the worst manipulation, to promoting the highest ideals, or to just getting a date. You need to learn how to sell if you want to be successful in dating.

Craigslist Personals does not always come to mind when thinking about online dating. Depending on where you are, Craigslist is often a free alternative to the more expensive,, and gang. So how do you succeed on Craiglist? Women seem to be pretty good at online dating. Men on the other hand can often be horrible. If you want to sell yourself on Craigslist Personals you first should take a quick read of “how to get a date useing the problogger method“.  Problogger, for those of you unaware, is a site dedicated to introducing beginners to the concept of blogging for money. Often time, Problogger has top 10 lists. This list building style of writing is what the problogger method is. So, does it work? Here is Rich Menga’s take: Read More…