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Internet Dating and Super Awesome lying

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Your a liar. I’m a liar. Were all liars. Everyone tells white lies about themselves so how do you spot the online dating liar, since we can agree that most everyone is a bit deceptive. First off, why doesn’t everyone come completely clean about themselves? Well my experience is that you need to lie enough to get to coffee but also not to lie too much not get in bed. What I mean by this is that site like Eharmony and, with there surveys and questions and more surveys and more questions…man does this take forever… does a good job at matching, that people do find love and end up happy.

But it always boils down to what you look like, or more specifically what your pic looks like. Sure what you write is important, long or short messages, when to ask out, when to exchange numbers, but I can tell you, If a guy thinks you look hot in that pic,  he will have no problem meeting you, regardless of what you say. Seriously! For guys though, girls really do care about what you write. With girls I would say the profile pic is 90% of the battle and as long as you don’t say anything stupid your in. Kind of like in real life if you think about it, but you need to focus on that last 10%, your approach and how you sell yourself do matter.

Guys are Creepy

So I meet this very cute Brazilian Au-pair (type of foreign exchange student program) of a dating site and we went out for a nice evening in Darien CT. Since I write Super Awesome Dating I am always curious to get a female perspective on dating and online  dating, this whole crazy process. First off, she told me that they don’t do online dating in Brazil. There is enough culture and social events that meeting people is easy, in contrast to the US. Once your out of High School and College, the most obvious question if your single is how the heck do I meet quality people? This is why online dating is so popular here.

She told me about her first experience meeting a guy off a dating site. The guy she meet she thought he was really cute, blond hair, blue eyes, said he was 6 ft and 180 lbs. So she meet him at a cafe one night. The “date” if you can call it that lasted a whole 5 minutes. Why? Because guys are creepy that’s why! The guy showed up and he was not a 6ft blond blue eyed white guy, he was a 5 ft 7 in Indian dude. I was a bit shocked by this. Why would any guy think that’s a good idea? Remember what I said:

lie enough to get to coffee, but not too much to not get to bed Read More…

Date Check: Online Dating Site Bumbs Beware

date check app for apple iphone performs background checks

Wow, talk about big brother/stalking/invasion of privacy. Get this, an iphone app that appeared at demo is going to allow the users of the iphone to use social media and the web to do on-the-spot background checks. The app is called Date Check…but should be called date stalk if you want my opinion. The app’s tag-line is pretty cute, “look up before you hook up” . It gives the user a comprehensive report of who ever by just plugging in a name, phone number, or email address. By this, Date Check can help you weed out undesirables, but it can also let you know if you found someone great. The breakout of the information is into 5 categories: Sleaze Detector, Compatibility, Net Worth, Living Situation, and Interests. It gets its data by scouring the web for public information.

The Sleaze Detector will show the really important stuff, like, criminal records (think to catch a predator), sexual offences, drunk driving arrests..the kind of stuff that matters.  The Compatibility is a novelty, it simply uses cliche compatibility tests, like matching up the astrological signs of you and your date and drawing conclusions from that. Net Worth is very invasive. It highlights your assets, and property purchases, even down to the details of that purchase. For example:  how many beds and baths that home or condo has, size of the lot and so forth. What if you live with your parents and are going on a first date and don’t want to get into the living situation discussion? Well too bad! Thanks to Living Situation,  it will pull data from social sites your on like Facebook, Myspace, Bebo to determine if your on your own, have roommates, or bunk at your parents house. Read More…

GirlFriend Keeper, love on autopilot

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The Iphone has a crazy amount of apps, the “girlfriend keeper” might be one of the more fun ones. You can pick it up for a buck (.99 cents us). First off, the app’s name is pretty ironic as it shows off nicely the emotional capacity us men sometimes have.  When I set this one up, that Jay Z song, “Girls Girls Girls” kept playing my head for some reason.

Keeping up with your girlfriend can be such a pain, “you don’t say nice things like you used to” your girlfriend is always telling you. Well this app attempts to fix that, and is either a fun and silly take on flirtation or its the most lazy way to say I love you! You set up the app to send generically customized texts, e-mails, or both to your special person, and all you do is sit back and relax and let the app take care of all that emotional stuff women love.  Nothing says ”thinking of you” more than an auto responder! Head’s up to the play playas out their. Girlfriend Keeper It is set up for one person at a time, so don’t buy this app and plan on managing multiple girls. Although, I suppose you could keep one on autopilot with this and really work over someone new. I’m sure in the future they will update the app for multiple relationships. Also, the app also keeps a history of all the love notes you sent, might not be a bad idea to read through once in a while what you’ve been sending. Read More…

Social Dating Trends

internet is for porn

Lets be honest, the internet is for porn and hooking up. Now with the advent of social media, using the internet for just that gets easier and easier. Lets be honest, as long as their has been an internet, people have used it to get action — from the way back days of aol chat rooms to today’s Twitter dates. Here are some  trends that you should know about:

1. The Rise of Non-Date Dating Sites. Hot or Notis a 6 million dollar a year dating site mascarading as a picture rating site. The 18-24 age group does not typically pay for memberships on dating sites, but is one of the biggest segments on Hot or Not because it does not come off as a typicall dating site. Also, Facebook is as much of a dating site as it is a social network. The apps in particular, Social Me/ Are you interested?/ Sparkey/ even Zoosk before it became an independet dating site; all help makeing Facebook a dating platform by allowing you to virtual message, poke, spank, whatever if your fancy to potential matches.

2. Ethno-centric. Sites that should come to mind are Jewish singles’ JDateand unmarried African Americans’ which show their is a market for ethnic-specific dating networks. and others are following their lead. Also, interracial dates sites are booming: IvoryandEbonyLove tagline is “dedicated to helping black and white singles make a love connection online.”  does the same for Asian Americans and African Americans. Read More…

Twitter Date

Twitter Date

Want to hook up? Twitter is secretly a good place. I know, Twitter’s microblogging and real-time conversation platform is so wonderfully geared towards building new relationships and meeting new and interesting people; but it’s not. It’s best for finding connections that can lead to a casual Twitter date hook up! So what is so exciting about a 140 characters of less Twitter date? For starters, were not talking about the typical come-and-read-my-blog tweets. Find Twitter profiles you find crushable. Follow them with care because Twitter is public and what you follow reflects on the kind of person you are.  Read More…

Online Dating: Long or Short Messages?

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Online dating:, Eharmony, Even if you won’t admit it to anyone, most of you probably have a hyped-up profile on some random dating site. Part of being on a dating site is profile surfing. Finding someone who has good pics,wrote something intelligent, and then deciding to send a thoughtful message. However, most of the time, there is no response.

The response rate to online dating messages is only about 32% of the time, according to the popular and free dating website OkCupid. This stat and far more like it are revealed on OKcupids blog: OkTrends.

OKcupid analyzed millions of messages that go through their site, and were able to discover some interesting trends. So, lets profile surf. You start clicking through profiles. Then suddenly, you stop … because something catches your eye. Pretty eyes, a great smile. Time to click “contact”. What should you write? Something long and eloquent that details why you two would be a match, or fire off a quick message that will spark a conversation? Read More…