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How To Overcome Shyness

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Ok so your shy. Like being tall, short, smart or stupid, popular or dorky. You were born this way. Shyness comes on a spectrum: At one end is the total wuss. On the other end is the over confident extreme called  ”Kanye West“. You want to be in the middle sweet spot. Not a wimp, or a narcissistic jerk. Just a self confident guy or girl… or at least be able to fake it.

You can never truly overcome shyness, it is apart of your pesonality, but you can control it, besides, stop worrying. We have all been there (except maybe Kanye…ok Ill stop!) at one time or another. Lets set the stage, your grocery shopping and you see someone in the frozen section and your reaction is “wow who is that”. Well dressed, sexy, interesting. Just the type you would like to meet but always complain to your friends that you never meet. You never get to meet someone like that because you take no action.  Your palms end up getting sweaty, your heart races a bit, you become more aware yourself and the other person. Whats the right approach you think? What if they think I’m creepy, or annoying, what if there dating someone, what if there married. Paralyzed with nervousness, you watch the person you’ve been looking for walk away. Then you wonder where they went, maybe could find them again and then strike up a conversation, but its too late. There gone. You fail. Game over. Read More…

How do I tell a guy to Slow it down?

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How do I tell a guy to slow down when it comes to moving too fast without him thinking I’m not interested? He wants to meet Friday, but I want to get to know him a little more first. I don’t want him to think i’m not interested but as soon as a guy starts to move a little fast for me I start to freeze up. Help!

Freezing up? No need to freeze up, it comes across like need  a little more practice an confidence with guys. It also sounds like you have not meet him yet, so I take it you meet him off a dating site? Anyways, the most annoying thing you can do is ignore him, IE: not return his calls, text or emails. All of a sudden change your mind and not meet him. This approach is very confusing to men as we are typically straightforward with one another. Remember the golden rule you were taught as a kid? Yep, honesty is the best policy.

If you don’t like what he is doing, and want to know how to tell a guy to slow it down, then just tell him. Men are not psychic, we can’t read minds, and were usually to a bit too clueless to pick up on subtle cues. Just tell him “I normally don’t meet guys right away, I like to have a couple conversations over the phone first. Maybe in a few weeks when I am not so busy we can meet for tea or coffee”. What is the worst that could happen? He will be offended, upset, maybe say a few mean things to you. Act like a baby or a teenager? If he ended up acting like this then you just did yourself a favor by not  wasting your time with this guy. Read More…

Sell yourself on Craigslist Personals

sealing the deal on love

Life is about selling, and your in it to close. Everyone has something to sell: A thing, idea, or even a dream. Sealing the deal is the only path to the life you want which makes selling  no joke. It is power, and those who have it use it form the worst manipulation, to promoting the highest ideals, or to just getting a date. You need to learn how to sell if you want to be successful in dating.

Craigslist Personals does not always come to mind when thinking about online dating. Depending on where you are, Craigslist is often a free alternative to the more expensive,, and gang. So how do you succeed on Craiglist? Women seem to be pretty good at online dating. Men on the other hand can often be horrible. If you want to sell yourself on Craigslist Personals you first should take a quick read of “how to get a date useing the problogger method“.  Problogger, for those of you unaware, is a site dedicated to introducing beginners to the concept of blogging for money. Often time, Problogger has top 10 lists. This list building style of writing is what the problogger method is. So, does it work? Here is Rich Menga’s take: Read More…

Does he love Me?

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You love your girl friend right? Does she know? “Yea, why wouldn’t she”? You might be thinking. I’ll share a tough lesson learned. Girls like to be reassure of how you feel about them….on a regular basis mind you. Does he love me? Does he still love me? You may think that when the day comes when you marry them and say “I do” that your professing you love to the world about how you feel about them, that now the deal is done and your off the hook. Well the deal is never done for girls. Their tends to be an underlininginsecurity with girls, no matter how good the relationship. For example:

  • When she asks do you love me, even though you didn’t do anything to indicate other-wise.
  • Wants to talk, talk, talk about your relationship, a topic not really enjoyed by too many guys.
  • Takes your need for space as indication that you don’t feel as strongly for her, or that your tired of her. Read More…

Totally free Dating!

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Taking girls out is expensive. Dating overall can be expensive. Since you don’t want to be a jerk, most guys will offer to pay for dinner, the tickets, flowers. The whole damn thing! But what the heck do you do if you’re on a tight budget? Stay home with your dog? Thats pretty lame, but dating on the cheap is possible and it can allow you to be creative while showing the lucky lady a good time. Of course being Mr. Frugal and Thrifty, aka Mr. Chepo is  a turn-off for most ladies, then no need to let on how much you’re saving.

Shel Horowitz, author of The Penny-Pinching Hedonist: How to Live Like Royalty on a Peasant’s Pocketbook, is a frugal guru with more than 25 years of experience in saving money, time and lowering your cost of living.

Always investigate if there is a cheaper way or a cheaper option,” Horowitz said. He gave the example of going to see a show at a community theater where the seats are often right at the stage, instead of buying the “cheaper” tickets to a Broadway show in the nosebleed section. Horowitz said he has seen the advantages of finding cheaper or free alternatives; they far outweigh the benefits, and are more rewarding.

When romancing  as el chepo,  Shel is showing you to use your head and be creative. Disclaimer: Helps if you have a brain

Read More…