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Sex, it does a body good

Sex inn sighn 300x200 Sex, it does a body good

I hit the gym for a list of reasons. At the top, it is to keep in shape, to look and feel good, be attractive to girls, and relieve stress. I also get a sense of accomplishment when I run through a good workout. As I’m sure many of you out their would agree, we are all quicker to hit the gym than the sheets when it comes to taking care of ourselves; but as anyone who has had sex before knows, having sex does a body good. Seriously. Having fun, regular, active sex, brings about good physiological benefits…assuming you don’t catch an STD obviously.

Wheres the proof? Well apart from getting it on yourself and finding out, a credible study from the Queens University in Belfast tracked the mortality of around 1,000 middle-aged guys over the course of a decade. The point was to compare guys of similar age and health to sexual frequency. Its findings, which were ¬†published back in ‘97 in the British Medical Journal, were that men who reported climaxing the most enjoyed a death rate of half to the rest of the group. Half! So guys who get it on regularly die half as often to those who don’t. So much for abstinence.

Sex does a body good and sex and dating go hand in hand. Now, I am not talking about hooking up with random people you just meet. Super Awesome Dating is about dating. If your looking just for sex, they have sites for that. I’m talking about regular sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend in a normal stable relationship. Sex in this regard, had tons of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental benefits. Lets run through a few of them (based on the study, and maybe a little personal experience) Read More…

Twitter Date

Twitter Date

Want to hook up? Twitter is secretly a good place. I know, Twitter’s microblogging and real-time conversation platform is so wonderfully geared towards building new relationships and meeting new and interesting people; but it’s not. It’s best for finding connections that can lead to a casual Twitter date hook up! So what is so exciting about a 140 characters of less Twitter date? For starters, were not talking about the typical come-and-read-my-blog tweets. Find Twitter profiles you find crushable. Follow them with care because Twitter is public and what you follow reflects on the kind of person you are.¬† Read More…