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How To Overcome Shyness

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Ok so your shy. Like being tall, short, smart or stupid, popular or dorky. You were born this way. Shyness comes on a spectrum: At one end is the total wuss. On the other end is the over confident extreme called  ”Kanye West“. You want to be in the middle sweet spot. Not a wimp, or a narcissistic jerk. Just a self confident guy or girl… or at least be able to fake it.

You can never truly overcome shyness, it is apart of your pesonality, but you can control it, besides, stop worrying. We have all been there (except maybe Kanye…ok Ill stop!) at one time or another. Lets set the stage, your grocery shopping and you see someone in the frozen section and your reaction is “wow who is that”. Well dressed, sexy, interesting. Just the type you would like to meet but always complain to your friends that you never meet. You never get to meet someone like that because you take no action.  Your palms end up getting sweaty, your heart races a bit, you become more aware yourself and the other person. Whats the right approach you think? What if they think I’m creepy, or annoying, what if there dating someone, what if there married. Paralyzed with nervousness, you watch the person you’ve been looking for walk away. Then you wonder where they went, maybe could find them again and then strike up a conversation, but its too late. There gone. You fail. Game over. Read More…

Flirting tips: How to talk to girls at the gym

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Some guys got it and others do not.  Looks, charm, money, and that really hot girl you keep wishing you had.  Life is not always fair, but instead of feeling sorry for yourself, take responsibility for your life and your situation. Know that where you are in life today is only a result of previous decisions, and that anyone, and I mean anyone, can change their life for the better. Just ask Jeremy Schoemaker. There is no reason why you can’t have what your truly desire most. It just takes WORK. So lets get into some flirting tips to help with talking to girls. Lets talk about the “on the way out” approach.

One of many things you need to do it build up your confidence. Particularly with girls. You need to know how to talk to girls. Looks are important, but confidence and status are also equally important. By coming of as a wuss by lacking confidence and being intimidated to start a conversation with a sexy as hell girl, you are lowering your status, and that is not at all attractive to any girl. If you come off like she is doing you a favor by talking with you, or you think your not on the same level, that she could never go for you,  or your bothering her. Then that is how it is exactly going to play out. Read More…