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Guys that suck – Bad Dates you want to Avoid

guys that suck - types you want to avoid

An important part of dating is not just simply getting out their, it is knowing who to date and who NOT to date. Unfortunately for girls, many many guys simply suck at dating, the results are bad dates you want to avoid. Often times when I talk to girls about their concerns, a lot of recurring themes pop up.

For starters, men are not gentlemen anymore. Something as simple as opening the car door can go a long way with a girl. Most of the time, it just never occurs to a man to do that. If you need more of a hint, then I’m telling you to OPEN the car door for your girl. It works. It is always the little things that make or break dating. Another complaint when I get into online dating,  is three fold:  guys are either way to aggressive, move to fast physically, and act like babies if rejected.

When messaging  a girl on a dating site guys, never ask her to meet you in the first two emails. Never bring up intimate stuff, that includes “wow I like your pic, you have nice legs”… big turn off, and if you send a message and she never replies, GET OVER IT and move on. Do not send hate mail, that is acting like a baby. Maybe you aren’t cute enough for her, maybe you didn’t capture her with your message, maybe shes burned out from online dating. Maybe she gets tons of email, a lot of girls do.

You were offended? Your feeling were hurt? You need me to warm your bottle, and get your blankie? Seriously though, you have to understand that girls on dating sites get a ton of messages. Imagine getting 15 emails a day, most of them are simply “hey”, “your cute”, or “lets go out this Friday”. Online dating, girls get way more attention and have to deal with guys that suck.  From my experience, girls are not nearly as obnoxious; but I was curious about the female view point. So here is what I did.

I signed up at Singlesnet and made a female profile with a very attractive pic of one of my female friends, with her permission of course! The results? I let the profile sit for 5 days. When I checked in, I had an incredible, 100 + emails. Unless your a male model, or Ashton Kutcher. No guy on any dating site gets 100 emails. From this perspective, It is completely reasonable why a girl wouldn’t reply to your individual email. Most guys out their, try this out, it will teach you a lesson, and maybe make you think twice about sending that hate male to the girl who wouldn’t talk to you.

So girls, guys that suck – bad dates you want to avoid. Lets get crackin, here are some red flags when it comes to dating guys: Read More…

Focus on what you Control

dating Focus on what you Control

If you suck at dating and sometime struggle with life, remember, focus on what you can control. Your looks, what you say, how you come off to people, how you dress. You have more control over your life than you probably believe, and once you take responsibility for your life and take responsibility for the good and bad things that happen, you will come to realize that instead of being defeated by setbacks, you learn that you  actually get the best results controlling the things you really can, and the worst results trying to control those things you pointlessly cannot. So the two main things you control are 1) your actions and 2) your attention to things, and not much else.

Think about it, you do control your actions, no matter what your feeling may be telling you. Sky dive out of a plane? You may take action and jump out that plane, but somewhere in your head your saying WTF am I doing? Want that guy to notice you, and approach you, ask you out, but instead of making things happen your too  shy to approach him. Whether you do or don’t is entirely up to you, and so are the results. Next up, your attention. You control how you direct your attention. Focus on things that make you happy or focus on things that bring sadness. Its up to you. You can give lots of attention  with much openness and interest, or you can ignore it all together. Much like that guy who doesn’t have a clue and won’t stop texting you.. but thats another story. Read More…