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Texting: Am I Neurotic or was I Blown Off?

texting blown off

This week I am starting some small changes in my daily routine to become more productive. To start, I bought myself a simple little cork board where I can post positive affirmations like “I make $8,000 a month” and “I am productive” and lastly “I get things done”. My goal is to test to see if these if these reminders infiltrate my subliminal sub-consciousness and help shape what I want into reality through shaping my thoughts. I will report back my findings or failures (hopefully no failures and better yet, hopefully I will double my income goal and make $16,000 a month!) I also started getting up a lot earlier. I tend to find myself most productive early in the morning and late in the evening (go figure).

So lets get to this weeks question. It is another one on texting. This has been an interesting finding since starting this site. By using Google’s Keyword tool to find some topic ideas around what people are actually searching for, texting has been a bit of a dark horse. It is not something that people search for specifically, but it has been something that resonates with a personal development/dating advice readership. Texting seems to be such a popular topic, I might just create a short free ebook to discuss this in more detail since I regularly get questions around it. But before I digress any further, lets go cover this weeks question. It is from a woman who is being overly sensitive (in my opinion, if you disagree let me know in the comments) and is interpreting a text conversation as a form of rejection:

Having been on a few dates with this guy I really like, I decided to text him out of the blue. We had a little exchange going back and forth when suddenly he stopped replying back. I waited an hour or so for a response but I got nothing. I told myself “wait for him to reply”, but of course I didn’t and I sent him a text asking if everything was alright and if my last message offended him in some way. No response. Feeling stupid, I waited another hour for him to reply back and he did. He said he was not offended and that I was crazy to think that. He said he just stopped checking his phone. Well what the hell? We were in the middle of a conversation (at least I thought we were). So was I blown off or am I neurotic? Read More…