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The Fear Of Being Cheated On

The fear of being cheated on is something quite basic and instinctual. Who has worried about being cheated on at least one time? Right, all of us (even me). This “is he/she cheating” adds a layer of complexity to our already complex relationships. Isn’t it amazing how relationships can be the most uplifting parts of our lives or the most frustrating and debilitating? On one hand relationships have the potential to be one of the most powerful and positive force in our lives. Making us feel invincible, complete, and like nothing can stop us. This amazing feeling is called love ( its powerful and it makes men crazy). The other side, the darker painful side, like cheating and infidelity, can ruin our emotional state to the point where we cant eat right,think straight, or even concentrate at work. There is an uncomfortable pressure we feel literally in our hearts. We find ourselves acting stupid by asking any random stranger for relationship advice (make sure you keep this to yourself at work, your work buddies are not the crowd to ask for relationship advice). Like I said, love makes all of us all a bit crazy, in good ways and bad.

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I think I Might Want to Hook Up with More Guys

hook up I think I Might Want to Hook Up with More Guys

So, a while back we touched on a question from a girl who’s boyfriend told her he feels like he has not had sex with enough girls yet. She was concerned if he would cheat or not. To give the quick and dirty,  if a man is in love he won’t stray. Since he said he is not sexually satisfied, he is not in love, and will cheat if the opportunity presents itself. Why? Because he just told you he wants to be with more women! It has nothing to do with you. It’s all him. So what if a girl feels she has not been with enough men? Wait aren’t girls supposed to be perfect angels all the time? Girls don’t like sex right? The truth is, is that girls want it just as much as men, but for different reasons sometimes. One of the main difference is that girls don’t think about it regularly like men do, and also don’t possess the same sex drive that men do.  So it is interesting for me to get a question from a girl who feels like she has not been with enough men yet. Here is what she asks:

So, Ive been dating this guy for about 9 months. Everything is really great. I think were in love. Were getting ready to move in together. He tells me over and over how much he loves me and wants to be with me and would do anything for me, and I feel the same way. BUT we were talking about sex. He asked me how many guys I have been with before him. So I told him. Then obviously I turned it around and asked him how many girls he has been with, and I was shocked and a bit jealous. Shocked about how many girls he  has been with, but also jealous at the sexual freedom he has experience. A freedom I realize that I have not had. We have a very open and honest relationship so I told him how I feel. That I love him and want to be with him, but I also want to experiment a bit more before settling down. I’m confused by my feelings. I absolutely will NOTcheat on him. I won’t even consider that. But I just don’t know what to do. I feel so confused about what I want. I want him and I want the sex experience. The idea of taking a break or having an open relationship does not appeal to me as I don’t want to risk losing him or know he is having sex with other girls. Im 25, he’s 30. What do I do? Read More…

The 20 Deadly Signs of Cheating

signs of cheating

I think your sexy baby, I’m planing on breaking it off with her in no time. Do I have a boyfriend? Oh no, I’m just dating a few guys (riiight). Cheating. Nothing sucks more than betrayal. Why do people do it? The answer to that is as obviously as complex as people are; but from what I’ve seen, men need a place and girls need a reason. Meaning: Generally, guys will cheat if they can get away with it. It a biological bonus. When we say she meant nothing to us, we mean it. It was really just for sex. Though if you ask Tiger Wood’s wife or any woman for that matter that answer is about as aceptable as telling her you gambled away all your money because you were drunk.Girls though, cheat up, or when their not happy and fulfilled in their current relationship. If their dating some regular guy and they have the chance to sleep with Robb Pattinson, your damn right their probably going to go for it! Also, if their not happy with their current man, then absolutely they will be looking for someone who makes them feel the way they want and need to.

I don’t love you anymore. When the one your with says this to you, they mean it. Their is no going back, their is nothing you can do. Well their is something you can do, move on. Separate from one another and find someone else, but I’m sure many of you are stubborn like me, so if you want some tips on how to win an ex back, their you go and good luck. Inadvertently both of you will have feelings for one another, but when the other half makes up their mind that they no longer have feelings of intimacy towards you, its over. Don’t waste another minute of your life, learn your lessons, move on, and get going on living a happy life! Read More…

How to Spot a Cheating GirlFriend

cheating girlfriend How to Spot a Cheating GirlFriend

Truth is, girls can be just as bad as guys and the thing is, is that a cheating girlfriend is a bit more sneaky about it than a guy. So how do you spot one? Here is what I think. Infidelity is kind of like an epidemic, I’m sure you or someone you know and love has been affected by it!  Cheating nowadays seems to be the cool thing to do as on average 25% of men cheat and 17% of women cheat. Not exactly uncommon.

Sure, men are more unfaithful than women, men are dogs; but women? No women never cheat…yea right! More and more are having an illicit affair out side of their relationship.

So you oblivious men out their, wake up and be more observant and sensitive to what is going on. Here are some red flags to make it easy to spot:

Girls like to look sexy, but if all of a sudden shes way more into how she looks, is much more concerned by it, then you should be concerned. If she all of a sudden she is more critical of the way you look or dress, that’s also a red flag. It means shes losing interest in you, and is looking to get attention from other men.

She’s not as physical with you as she used to be. Not as much sex, not that into sex. Having sex with you is a bit of a choir. Not really into holding your hand in public, or letting you put your arm around her, even kissing is a bit off. Chances are she is not that into you anymore and is after someone else. For girls, reduced intimacy: not that into you, looking for something else.

One reason or another shes busy. Women are masters of making up fake excuses. Remember that girl you asked out, and she told you she’ll let you know when things slow down? Ever get back to you? No? Thought so. That’s a girls way of saying “no, I’m not interested”. If a girl is not interested in you she won’t just say it, she will make up an excuse because girls avoid being direct partly because there nice, but also because they don’t have the strength to come out and say it as it is. The same excuses are also used with a cheating girlfriend. She has to always work late, or shes going out with a couple of co-workers after work all the time. She is hanging out with her sister more often (hint shes not hanging out with her sister) or is having a girls night out. Girls like to go out, but the man in her life will always come first. If you feel like your coming in second that is because you are. Read More…

My Drunk Girlfriend Cheated on Me

backstab2 My Drunk Girlfriend Cheated on Me

I have a huge question to ask you . I have a cheating girlfriend. I dated this girl now for over a year, known her for 3 years. I know when she drinks she just gets horny as hell. People in her past would get her drunk just to get at her. Well last Thursday she was at a bonfire with friends drinking. I had left her due to an early work day and went home. Next day she tells me she hooked up with this guy. She feels awful. She says she relapsed back into her old way and didn’t mean anything. Tells me she knows she has a problem with drinking and promises me to stop drinking. Wants to go to counseling with me just to save what we have. I do love and care for her so much, but how do you forget this and move on? Its the worse feeling I have ever had. Anyone have any experience with something like this. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Thanks Read More…