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How To Talk To Girls

how to talk to her1 How To Talk To Girls

Welcome to the greatest,  most definitive blog post on how to talk to girls. Lets get right to it. This post is targeted at guys who are searching Google on tips and tricks on how to approach beautiful girls they see in school, at bars, at parties, the grocery store, whatever. I know what attracts girls and I know how to approach and talk to them, so listen up, and follow my lead. If you have an oppinion, I would love to hear it in the comments.

Before you approach a girl, pay attention to her surroundings. Why? Because you do not want to come off like your bothering her. That your interrupting her. You do not want to be that annoying creepy guy. Perfect example. My brothers wife is a very beautiful woman and I saw her shopping at our local Walmart. On my way over to say hello some random guy just wanders over to her and asks “Have you seen The Waltons” then proceeds to ask her how she likes Walmart (she was in the video section). While it is great this guy had the confidence to approach her, his approach was  just dumb. He should have had a least a little bit of consciousness of what she was doing, instead he just rudely interrupting her. Now I know this may seem pretty obvious to some of you out their, but trust me, I have seen enough guys do this. Attempting to talk to a girl by simply wandering over saying “hey babe how you doing their, come to Walmart often”, then touch her or do something stupid. How romantic. If you want to talk to a girl, approach her when she is not preoccupied, busy, or looks like she is stressed and thinking about something. Read More…

Low Self Esteem Self Help

i suck Low Self Esteem Self Help

I SUCK. OK I don’t suck, but I know what it is like to doubt yourself and have low self esteem, but their are some self help measures you can use. Experience from my own life as well as interacting with numerous friends have shown me that their are some typical issues that come up with guys and gals with their respective social life. Much like how the  fat girl who loses the weight but still has the mentality of how she was before the weight loss, the same is true for men. These issues are deep and personal and are not easily resolved. Particularly what I am hinting to is low self esteem. So how do you fix low self esteem? First off, acknowledging for what it is, (an impediment in your life) is a good first step toward changing your awkward social behaviors.

Self Esteem. Esteem means high regard. Self esteem is how you regard yourself. Having the wrong attitude about yourself is not going to get you anywhere with anyone, particularly with  women or men. “I don’t like myself”, well if you don’t like yourself, why should I? Why should any one? Maybe your mom and dad will like you if you don’t like yourself, but they don’t count. Super Awesome Dating is about finding yourself a potential friend, partner, and lover. Read More…

Is he your Boyfriend? Are you Sure?

is he your boyfriend Is he your Boyfriend? Are you Sure?

This may seem a  bit funny, even a bit stupid to ask, but are you sure the guy your seeing is your boyfriend. I ask because being a man myself I can say in all honesty, a man is either playing with you, or he is planning with you. Playing with you simply means he likes you to a point, he enjoys your company, the sex, and spending time with you, but in his heart, he is not committed to you completely and is not sure if he sees a future with you. You may be tricked into thinking otherwise, because he is nice to you and you do have good times together, but really he is just stringing you along for a ride. The ride will end only when you figure out that your ON a ride, OR when he is done with you and is on to the next contestant. The man that is PLANNING with you is much like the guy that is playing with you, but is different because he is definitely looking at you a someone who could potentially become his fiance, wife, and maybe even the mother of his children. Hence, he is planning for the future and your in it. It is really simple to know if he is your boyfriend or not, and I am sure most men reading this will agree with me, when I tell you eight simple things a man will do if he is your boyfriend.

So why do I have to ask if your sure the guy your seeing is your boyfriend in the first place? Women AND men, tend to put people we like or love on a pedestal. My self included. We overlook or even ignore flaws in another person because of our love for them. This infatuation with someone is a lot like being high like a kite. You think your floating in the air when really your upside down on a couch drooling. I am sure you have girlfriends who have that crazy ex boyfriend that just won’t leave them alone. Even though they may not have had the best relationship, the guy still is crazy for them. That crazy ex boyfriend is over looking the relationship problems, he is dreaming of the way he wants things to be, because he is in love with her, even borderline obsessed. Read More…

What do Women Want?

what women want What do Women Want?

What do women want? If you had asked me that a few years back I probably would have given you some jaded answer like: “Girls say they want a nice smart guy, but they really only care about looks” or “douche bag touch guy” or another favorite of mine “guys that play in bands”. I was in a transition myself, becoming the man I wanted to be. Not really understanding why some girls were into me, and why the ones I really like, the ones I tried really hard to get their attention, passed me over without a second thought. The way some women can be so mean and heartless, the way they don’t appreciate how nice and attentive you think you are being to them can make you really angry. You start to think it is unfair, girls don’t appreciate a good man, they don’t care if a guy is a gentleman or not, they couldn’t spot a good man if he fell right on top of them; and lastly, what a girl says she whats, and what she actually gos for are two COMPLETELY different things; and you know what? Your right! Read More…

Find your Diamond in the Rough

miranda cosgrove diamond Find your Diamond in the Rough

Because guys have a tendency to move to fast sexually with women, women rightfully think that all or most guys are dogs/players/womanizers/playboys that are only interested in sex. Its true, guys are interested in sex, and its also true that sex is all that some guys want. However their are good men out their looking for their diamond in the rough. The type of guy that has had his fun, but is now tired of the models and cocktail waitress and is looking for someone that is marriage material. They want that  woman  that stands out from the rest, the one that makes them go “wow who is that?” The type they could see something long term with: the family, kids, the house, the dog. These guys are typically the higher quality man who brings a lot to the table for a woman. They are grown men who are successful, intelligent, put together well. Their problem is they have a lot of opportunity with numerous women, because of their natural attractiveness. They don’t know how to find  or even spot for that mater, that diamond in the rough, that woman the offers more than just her looks to the equation. Read More…