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Welcome to a culturally relevant site about Super Awesome Dating. With a brash bold take on tough love, you will become more super awesome and connected. You will learn how to date and get what you want. You will understand better male and female preferences, AND You will find love and be happy (hopefully). So how exactly¬†are you going to find love and ¬†happiness in a world with a 1 minute attention span, that is also consumer-crazed and social media obsessed? One where it’s easier to get on TV than to actually find someone you like? Simple my friend. The same way you learn to swim – take a deep breath and jump right in. Super Awesome Dating is powered with Drupal and hosted by Servint.


That simple little sentence pretty much sums it up, but I know some of you out their like much more “wordy” versions with more “words” to describe things in a long winded fashion, so here you go: Introducing the mission of Super Awesome Dating:

  1. To get guys actually dating girls, instead of just hanging out or hooking up with them. Time to stop being a social idiot. Time to stop being her girlfriend, time to start being her boyfriend.

  2. To empower girls by providing a wide open look into how men think, so that those that want a solid relationship but can’t figure out how to get one, can get one, and those already with a man, can make it better.

  3. To translate men to women and women to men. No easy task, but should be a fun ride!

  4. Figure out how to actually use online dating sites to find a date online without getting pissed off and mad at the world.


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