How To Know If A Guy Likes You…Really!

Reena Patel How To Know If A Guy Likes You...Really!

Hey everyone, thanks for coming to my site. Today I want to go over the question of how to know if a guy likes you. What got me going on this was when I was checking my pingbacks and I found a response to this post I wrote on why men move so fast sexually when dating from Mr Locario. The whole point of that post was to talk to girls about the male sex drive and how it relates to dating and the annoying problem most girls face when it comes to dating guys: “Where are the gentlemen, I’m so tired of guys trying to get in my pants right away”. My goal was to help girls understand men better. Understand why men do what they do, and why they act the way they act.

Basically in a nut shell, the reason is genetic. We are all descended from men who did not pass on opportunities to get it on with a women. Men with a higher sex drives have more sex and have more childeren. Over the thousands of years and thousands of generations of people, that high sex drive gene has keept the human race going. The end result of that high sex drive is this: men behave like sperm and women behave like eggs. Meaning men will typically not  always pass on opportunities to have sex even with a woman, even with a women who is less desirable than the one they already have. It is a genetic bonus so to speak, since the man may not have to take care of that child (put yourself back 1,000 years). For women though, they have more to risk since they can get pregnant. As such they are more selective about their sexual partners than men are. Girls have to make sure that the man has good genes (physically attractive) or is a good provider (successful, dominant male) or both! Perfect example of this is Hugh Grant cheating on the beautiful Liz Hurly with a prostitute. This seems crazy, but when you understand men, it makes sense (though it is a bit crazy).

How To Know If a Guy Like You

Mr Locario really nailed me for telling women to wait 60 days before becoming intimate with a man. I agree with him on his point that if you sleep with a man right away and he still sticks around, he likes you. However, we just went over why women are more selective than men, and why they will not typically jump from man to man. Most girls I coach are really frustrated by this. How do you know if a guy actually likes you or if he is just trying to sleep with you. On top of that, of course when a girl meets an attractive man (good genes) or a successful man (millionaire lets say) absolutely they wan to jump into bed with him right away. The reason I advocate slowing this down is because most girl are interested in forming a relationship with men, not simply having casual sex. Casual sex, NSA encounters are stuff that most men are into, but not most women.That is why on any dating site the women looking for an “intimate encounter” are few and far between, or are just fake b/s profiles made by a spam bot, marketer, or a creepy attention starved man. But if you look for men looking for an intimate encounter you will find hundreds. I am not making this stuff up, it is just how it works like it or not.

60 Day Rule

I am not a big fan of dating rules to be honest, I am more of a fan of living consciously. What I mean by that is my hope is for you to understand all the pros and cons of decisions you make with regards towards your relationships. Part of making sound decisions is knowledge. That is one of the reasons why I started this dating advice site was because I was annoyed with all the generic and useless information out their. I sincerely want all women to have the relationship they want, and for the ones already in a relationship to make it better. In order to do just that, you need information on men. Let me break down the real reason and the motivation behind the 60 day rule and why it will help you better know if a guy likes you or not.

Value is create by setting standards for Yourself

Create value in yourself, for yourself. What the hell does that mean you might be thinking. Why is gold so expensive and why are diamonds so valuable. Because they are rare and are not easy to get or come by. You must become like gold or diamonds: Not easy to get or come by, unique and rare. Something anyone would be lucky to have. To attract the best, highest quality man for yourself, you have to first be the best you can be. Also, before you can increase your level of expectations for men, you need to increase your level of expectation for yourself. Why? Because the relationship you have with yourself is actually the relationship you will have with others. Focus on your health, your beauty, your education, your happiness first. Be selective but flirtatious as you do have a lot of power over men.

This idea of creating value in and for yourself is where the 60 day rule was born. I already mentioned how men act like sperm and women act like eggs. Women are naturally more selective than men so it makes sense for them to slow down on the intimacy to want to make sure the guy is actually interested in more than just sex. Like I already said, most women are not interested in casual sex, that is just a guy thing. Lastly, Mr Locario misses the point of the 60 day rule. It is not about making the man wait as a way to see if he likes you or if he does not like you. The rule has nothing to do with the guy, ITS ALL ABOUT YOU.

The 60 day rule is about making yourself more valuable by increasing your expectations for yourself, improving the relationship you have with yourself, becoming the best you can be, and projecting all that into a powerful mix to attract a man who is worth your time. When I talk about the 60 day rule that is what I am talking about. Throw the rule out if you don’t like it or find it too restrictive. I don’t like rules on dating that myself that much. The whole point is to remember that if you want to attract the best you have to be the best, and the best women out their are not easy to get or come by.

Setting Standards will weed out the Guys Who Like You from the Guys who Want You

First off, most men you come into contact with want to sleep with you. All guys are interested in sex, it doesn’t matter if their 16 or 60, its the same deal. If we like what we see, we are going to try and get it. Period. So when it comes to women, that is always the plan of attract for most men. 1) To find out if we have a chance with you and 2) If we do have a chance, then we need to figure out what its going to take to get it. Why do you think that guy stopped to talk to you about your favorite movie in the video section at Walmart? Why do you think he decided to sit next to you in every class you have with him? Why do you think he is talking to you about what you like and what your interests are? No, it is not to learn anything from you or to find out your likes and dislikes. It is because he saw something he liked and now he is trying to get it.

It is really that un-complicated. No he does not care what your sign is, or what you do for a living, or what you did with your friends this past summer. That’s what women do. Trying to get to know the man so they can evaluate him to see if he has potential. Not so with most men. We want to know if we can sleep with you, and if so, what we need to do to get that. This is also why the 60 day rule comes in handy in creating value for yourself. It helps set levels of expectations for him. It makes him play by YOUR RULES, not his. If he knows that he is going to have to treat you with respect, call you once a day, spend every weekend with you, drive to pick you up, open doors for you and show he can commit to you and only you for a period of time (2 months = 60 days). That investment in time, money and energy will be too much for most guys like Mr Locario who advocate you should sleep with the guy right away.

In a nutshell, that is how you know if a guy likes you. If you set level of expectations for yourself and for him, and he is willing to meet those requirements, he likes you (and he also wants to sleep with you of course). Keep in mind though, this only works if you require him to treat you like a lady. Holding out on sex is only part of it. You also need to be valuable and have standards for yoursel, and let the men you meet know right away your standards.

Your Either Long Term Potential, or your just “Getting to know Each Other”

Now sometimes I know I make men seem like jerks, but to make a man do what you want you need to set expectations. If you have no expectations your basically free. If your free, then it is game on for any man. A man will group you in his head as someone who is a keeper and has long term potential, or as someone who is just for fun. The man is never going to know, so that is why when a man approaches you, he is trying to figure out if you will sleep with him and how much effort and investment it is going to take. You define yourself by setting levels of expectations from the get go. If a man is just looking for fun, your going to stand a better chance of weeding him out by having high standards for him and for yourself. If you have no standards and expectations of behavior, if your easy to get, then you are basically free. Men will have fun with the women who are “free” but we will not take them on as someone serious. Men want a serious relationship with a high quality woman that is not easy to get or come by. It should be no surprise that high quality men want high quality women, and high quality women want high quality guys. Like I always say, to attract the best, you have to be the best.

Is this always the case when It comes to Men?

No of course not. I know quite a few relationships where both people slept with each other right away, and are very much in love. They have great chemistry and the guy really likes his girl. The only risk is that you can never be sure before sleeping with a guy, if a guy likes you, or if a guy just wants you. Mr Locario is right, if you sleep with a guy right away and he sticks around he likes you. But you run the risk of being labeled a “fun time” in the guys mind and not as something serious. Someone who could potentially be his girlfriend. It is your decision. If you sleep with him right away you could end up with a relationship with the guy, or the guy can do what most guys do and just disappear.You now have the information you need, so it is really up to you.

How To Know if a Guy Likes You: Recap

  • If a man likes what he sees, he will approach you and talk to you. This does not mean necessarily he likes you, it just means he is attracted to you.
  • He is trying to figure out if he can sleep with you and if he can sleep with you, how much effort it is going to take.
  • If your a high quality girl that sets levels of expectations for your self and for the men in your life, you will weed out the guys who are just looking for fun.
  • The guys who like you will stick around and do the work.
  • To know if a guy actually likes you require him to treat you like a lady. If he is not willing to do the work, he is only sexually interested in you as are most men.
  • No this is not fool proof, but it is an excellent way to know if a guy likes you or not. Try it out. Whats the worst that could happen? You fall in love and live happily ever after?

image credit = reena patel (very beautiful girl btw)

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  • Mr locario March 28, 2010 Reply

    Hey what’s up this is Mr. Locario. I want to first say that this was a great article and you have a great site. I do agree that a woman should value herself and be the best woman that she could be.

    What I don’t agree on is a man playing by a woman’s rules. Women are not attracted to men that play by their rules. Woman want a man to “be a man” and be in control of the situation. Even though most women probably wont admit this, this is what they really want and are attracted to. This is why women are attracted to men with money and a high social status. How is a man like that going to play by a womans rules. He makes his own rules because he has the money and the power. If a woman isn’t down with his program then he is just going to find another one. Women are attracted to men who are leaders they aren’t attracted to followers.

    What most women need to realize is that there is competion in dating. If a woman meets a great guy and wants him what makes her think that there aren’t other women that are going to want him also. So while I do agree that women should set standards for themselves they also have to be realistic. That means for any woman (or man for that matter) that is reading this needs to realize the the world doesn’t just revolve around you.

    That guy that you are trying to date and “weeded” out might have been a guy that you could have built something with. You proabably weeded out that guy because he wasn’t going along to your “rules” that you put up. That guy was probably dating someone else at the same time as you and got to know the other girl better because the other girl just chilled out, took it easy and had a good time and wasn’t trying to get him to get with “her” program. So this guy compares you and this other girl and he most likely is going to get with the other chick because she doesn’t expect him to call everyday, pick her up, see her every weekend open doors etc. especially in the early stages of a relationship when you and him are just DATING.

    See a lot of women got it backwards. Women usually want men to treat them like wife material as soon as guy meets them. Just because you have a vagina doesn’t entitle you to certain things. If a guy likes you then you will find out soon enough but at the same time waiting 2 months to show him what type of woman you are doesn’t necessarily mean that he is going to like you any more than when he met you the first day. In most cases he might lose interest in you because instead of being in the moment and enjoying yourself you were too busy trying to figure out if this guy is going to open the door for you or not.

    I still agree that women should love and value themselves but women should find value or try to find value in themselves just because they want a man to think that they are valuable. Love yourself because you are you and you have great things to offer the world. Have fun dating and don’t take it so seriously and open you mind and heart. There are a lot of great guys out there for you but you might miss out on a lot of them if you keep dismissing them because they aren’t going with your program or following your rules

    Mr. Locario

    Again I love your site. Keep doing what your doing. And for any ladies out there having relationships problems check out my book “It’s Your Fault You’re Single: Tips on Finding Mr. Right” at

    • David March 29, 2010 Reply

      Hey man, thanks for the well thought out comment. I don’t pretend to know it all so I enjoy debate and other opinions that challenge me to rethink my position. Keep up the good work Mr Locario

  • Mr locario March 30, 2010 Reply

    Cool man keep doing your thing. Let me know if you want me to link your site to my blog

  • David April 19, 2010 Reply

    Then what don’t you agree with? Where do you think I went wrong?

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