Facebook dating ads are bringing back lame advertising

facebook dating ads

With the evolution of the Internet, so has evolved advertising.  The advent of web 2.0 is the rise of social media companies like Facebook; which are in a unique position to engage their audience with more sophisticated advertising due to the abundance of data they have on their users. So why the heck  is Facebook and many other website showing such lame advertising ?

Short answer is sex sells, and Facebook has a tremendous ad inventory to sell. So apparently their prepared to settle for this crap!  A perfect example are the two ads below:

facebook dating ads suck
Yea, meet hot sexy christian girls..that have big boobs and want to bake you cookies. I’m confused by this.

another lame ad
another lame Facebook dating ad

Apart the absolute obvious irony, is basically the same sales pitch that the Internet was offering a decade ago. In terms of ad campaigns, this stuff works because of attractive people in ads, however untargeted, generate clicks, and a small subset of those clicks generate sign-ups, purchases, email addresses, or whatever else the marketer on the other end is looking for.

Facebook does provide a thumbs up/thumbs down tool to rate ads, which hopefully will push the process of more engaging ads. Forcing the advertiser/affiliate marketer to be a bit more creative; however apparantly social media  traffic does not convert, so as long as social media site like Twitter and Facebook fail to convert well for a variaty of advertisers, this bottom of the barrel advertising  will be here to stay because its somewhat effective and generates clicks and money for the marketer. If you don’t like the ads, give them a thumbs down, if you get really sick of it, perhaps you should consider breaking up with Facebook all together.

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