Does he love Me?

love me1 Does he love Me?

Girls worry about their relationship among other things regularly, asking themselves constantly in their head, does he love me?  From a male perspective, it is common to not understand this thought process since men do not worry until their are visual signs of a problem. If everything is cooking like it always has, no need to assume their is a fire in the kitchen. Girls on the other hand worry about a fire in the kitchen. What if this happens, what if that happens IE does he love me? Does he still love me? Is everything between us alright? It is YOUR JOB as a the man in the relationship to be reassure her of how you feel about her on a REGULAR basis. Yes, it may seem logical that when the day comes you marry and say “I do” that your professing you love to the world about how you feel about them, that now the deal is done and your off the hook. You are poorly mistaken.  The deal is never done for girls. From my experience their tends to be an underlining insecurity with girls,  ALL girls, no matter how attractive they are, no matter how confident they may be, no matter how good the relationship. This worrying nature confuses men, for example:

  • When she asks “do you love me”, why ask? You didn’t do anything to indicate other-wise.
  • Wants to talk, talk, talk about your relationship, a topic not  enjoyed by too many guys.
  • Takes your need for space as indication that you don’t feel as strongly for her, or that your tired of her.

Girls think about their relationship a lot more than guys think about their relationship. Much like sex. Guys and girls think about it, but for men, its always on the mind a bit, maybe on the back of the mind, constantly. For women, replace sex, with relationship. Make sense now? Like most guys thinking about your relationship like this probably only comes up on birthdays, holidays, family functions, weddings, and when things go bad. Remember, this is not so for women. Its always on their mind.  Maybe not always on their mind, as in the forefront of their thoughts, but its always in the back of their minds. It moves to the forefront when you do something to trigger off those insecurities. Girls are not logical like guys. Their much more emotional. So even if you think that logically they should know you love them, that does not matter. If they feel like you may not love them, that’s the same as not loving them.

So what the heck do you do? Simple. You have to do two things that is completely reasonable. First reassure her of how you feel on a regular basis. Especially in regards to her inherit insecurities. “Does he love me”, “does he still love  me” are things that are always in the back of the mind for most girls. To make sure you do not give off the idea that you do not love her anymore make sure you do some of the following. When you need space make it clear its not about her. When you have the occasional argument make sure she still knows you care about her and that your relationship with her is OK, your just mad and need some space to cool off. Also when she’s mad, she doesn’t need space, she needs a hug. Remember shes not a guy. The next thing you need to do is continually pursue her. Just like you did when you were not dating. Flirting, sending little emails, telling her how good you are together. Text messages during the day just to say hi. That kind of stuff. It’s the little things that count the most with girls. Constantly pursuing helps prevent many of her insecurities. It helps her answer that does he love me question. She won’t question “does he love me” because your words and actions will make it clear you do.

That’s what men can do, so what about girls. Does he love me or not?

If a man loves you he will demonstrate that love in three main ways. He will provide for you. Meaning, he will do everything in his power to make it so you have the best. The next thing, he will protect you. When a man is in love with you he will die for you. Seriously. He will fight any fight, bear any burden for the woman he loves. He will also protect you from other men, meaning he will not tolerate you developing relationships with other men on a friendship basis. Lastly, he will tell you he loves you. He will constantly reassure you he loves you because he will just come out and say it. You won’t have to ask, he will just do it naturally.

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