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What the hell do I know about dating you might be thinking? I sometimes wonder that myself  :). How I can I best explain to you, my wonderful readers, where my wisdom comes from? Well for starters, much of my knowledge comes from living, watching, learning, and doing. It amazes me how interested we all are in relationships. How we read about them, talk about them, ask about them, stumble in and out of them. Relationships and love in particular seem to be some of the best parts of the human experience.

I used to be that guy in high school who sat in the back and had no friends and no girls. Life sucked. After I graduated, I joined the military reserves and went to college, and you know what? Girls were interested in me! I was a new man, older, in great shape, put together nicely, but I still could not figure out why some girls like me and why the ones I actually liked wanted nothing to do with me. It has little to do with looks (though being attractive helps) and mostly to do with attraction. THAT was the missing part, attraction. I was learning things in my early 20’s that I should have learned as a teenager, but that was a blessing in disguise. Being older allowed me to live more consciously. Instead of getting mad and frustrated, I would take a step back and ask myself “why did that happen that way”. Is it my approach? Is it my clothes? Is it the way I look? I would take an honest personal inventory and critique myself to answer this question: Is their something I could do to improve myself or are we just not a good fit? The culmination of YEARS of doing that with respect to dating has given me a solid foundation on the dynamics of relationships between men and women. I sincerely hope you like what I am creating, and I hope you find value in it to improve your own life.


I started the site because I have something to say. I’m tired of all the junk sites on the Internet providing useless information.  Who wants to read “top 10 dating ideas for Saturday night”? Not me, or how about this classic jem: “interesting pieces of jewelry make great conversation pieces” (yea, maybe if your boring). Their was nothing culturally relevant for today’s dating world. You know, the world of social media, the world where guys and girls hang out together in big groups, the world where we spend all our free time in front of our technology. A site that could actually teach you how to date in today’s dating world through humor, personal development, and brash, bold advice. Not the dating world of the 1970’s. This is that site.


You don’t think I know its kind of a stupid name? It sounds retarded but its not (maybe that will be my new slogan :)).  If I had named the site, “dating advice for men dot com” or “the love diaries for girls” or -enter generic boring lame name- would you be reading this page now? NO. I called the site what it is not only to catch your attention but to also poke fun at other dating sites.


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I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea so If my style offends you in any way, sorry!

-David Utke