February 2010

How To Ask A Girl Out

ask a girl out2 How To Ask A Girl Out

I covered how to talk to girls, lets go over how to ask a girl out. Now for many guys out their this may seem like a silly question, (aka just ask her out stupid), but lot’s of guys need help with this and are searching for answers. One of the main goals of Super Awesome Dating is to get guys dating girls, and not just hanging out with them like your one of her girlfriends.


Read that a few times and internalize it. You will be rejected, you will be rejected, one more time, you will be rejected. Girls within minutes of meeting you will have already made up their mind about weather or not your date worthy for them. Most of the time, your not. Sorry, happens to every man, myself included. Don’t take it too much to heart. Girls behave like eggs, men behave like sperm. Girls genuinely are much more selective about their partners than men are. They have more to risk since their the ones who are saddled with child. As such, when you ask a girl out, more than likely you will be rejected. Yes, your not good looking enough, or your too fat, or too short, she doesn’t like the way you dress, or the sound of your voice, or the color of your hair, or how you come off, or she doesn’t date Black guys, she doesn’t like Asian men, she only dates white guys with green eyes. Whatever. Be a man and a gentleman about it, not a deeply hurt and offended baby who needs their bottle warmed. Read More…

How To Talk To Girls

how to talk to her1 How To Talk To Girls

Welcome to the greatest,  most definitive blog post on how to talk to girls. Lets get right to it. This post is targeted at guys who are searching Google on tips and tricks on how to approach beautiful girls they see in school, at bars, at parties, the grocery store, whatever. I know what attracts girls and I know how to approach and talk to them, so listen up, and follow my lead. If you have an oppinion, I would love to hear it in the comments.

Before you approach a girl, pay attention to her surroundings. Why? Because you do not want to come off like your bothering her. That your interrupting her. You do not want to be that annoying creepy guy. Perfect example. My brothers wife is a very beautiful woman and I saw her shopping at our local Walmart. On my way over to say hello some random guy just wanders over to her and asks “Have you seen The Waltons” then proceeds to ask her how she likes Walmart (she was in the video section). While it is great this guy had the confidence to approach her, his approach was  just dumb. He should have had a least a little bit of consciousness of what she was doing, instead he just rudely interrupting her. Now I know this may seem pretty obvious to some of you out their, but trust me, I have seen enough guys do this. Attempting to talk to a girl by simply wandering over saying “hey babe how you doing their, come to Walmart often”, then touch her or do something stupid. How romantic. If you want to talk to a girl, approach her when she is not preoccupied, busy, or looks like she is stressed and thinking about something. Read More…

I want you so Bad, Ill go back on the things I Believe

love1 I want you so Bad, Ill go back on the things I Believe

Have you ever really loved someone? Truly loved them? That you would give your life for them? That you would bear any burden, fight any fight, risk it all, even in the face of losing it all. Is it not one of the most inexplicable feelings? The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. An addiction stronger than any drug, that some never get to experience, some will only have for but for a moment, while others a lifetime, and all of us always looking and searching for that feeling? That feeling of love. St. Augustine said it was better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Do you think that to be true? Or is it the wailings of a man who has never experience the sharp pain that is a jilted heart. Finding that love of your life is one of the most spiritually rewarding parts of life. To be in  love is is to transform your perspective on life. Gone are the needs to strike it rich, or to become famous. The only thing that matters is the other person. Having the other person makes you rich, having the love and admiration of that person makes you famous. You no longer live for yourself, you live for the other person. You live to see them simile. That is what it is like to be in love. So in the spirit of motivating you to find love and happiness here are 30 love quotes that will motivate you to push forward: Read More…

Join a Quirkyalone group, because thats Cool

quirkyalone Join a Quirkyalone group, because thats Cool

Has anyone heard of this? It is a movement and a “state of mind” that actually has a worse name than Super Awesome Dating. It is called Quirkyalone, and that is just such a sexy name for a singles group (sarcasm). No one wants to be quirky: aka socially awkward, and/or alone. So were already off to a bad start. At least Super Awesome Dating is a tongue-in-cheek name for this whole business of online dating, courting, and finding love and being happy.

So what is this state of mind all about, and what does it mean to be a certified Quirkyalone member? As I already hinted to it is a singles group, and a singles movement. Simply put, it is an answer to a simple, simple question that entails much more complex answers. That question: Is dating necessary? Not the most earth shattering question, but interesting enough to get a spirited argument going with your friends or a date. After your two drinks in of course.

The Quirkyalone movement’s response to that question is an unquestionable NO. “I would rather be single than be in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship, I’m waiting for Mr. Right”. Read More…

If You Want to find a Date Online Read This First

online dating2 If You Want to find a Date Online Read This First

Before I struck out on my own and broke free from the tyranny that is regular employment, I like most people was stuck in a cubicle, then stuck in my car, then back to the cubicle, then back to the car. Rinse and repeat. While their is nothing inherently wrong with that, a job really does take away most of your free time from anything else. Including a social life and more importantly your love life. Sure you will make work buddies but is that not a little bit of an inbreed social life. Is it not? Changes in your life happen so slow, but also so fast, it makes for quite the paradox. Your going about your life, taking each day at a time when BAM, your graduating high school then BAM your done with college then BAM your turning 30, then BAM your almost 40. When you look back on it, you say to yourself “man, time fly’s”, but taking it each day at a time it is a bit slow.

Adult hood sneaks up on every young person when they least expect it. When their in college like I was, your at the top of your freedom, far away from the control of your parents with limited responsibilities for yourself, only to end up a college graduate  owned by a new entity, a job, a corporation. Congratulations on graduating Dave, now get in line and make those widgets. This is what happened to me. I graduated and had a good first job out of school, the only thing that prevented it from being great was the work load and the hours required. 60+ a week. Not even exaggerating. Companies I have to hand it to them, their smart in the sense they know young people have more energy than older folks and can put up with a 60 hour work week. Read More…