January 2010

What do Women Want?

what women want What do Women Want?

What do women want? If you had asked me that a few years back I probably would have given you some jaded answer like: “Girls say they want a nice smart guy, but they really only care about looks” or “douche bag touch guy” or another favorite of mine “guys that play in bands”. I was in a transition myself, becoming the man I wanted to be. Not really understanding why some girls were into me, and why the ones I really like, the ones I tried really hard to get their attention, passed me over without a second thought. The way some women can be so mean and heartless, the way they don’t appreciate how nice and attentive you think you are being to them can make you really angry. You start to think it is unfair, girls don’t appreciate a good man, they don’t care if a guy is a gentleman or not, they couldn’t spot a good man if he fell right on top of them; and lastly, what a girl says she whats, and what she actually gos for are two COMPLETELY different things; and you know what? Your right! Read More…

Can Men and Women be Friends?

male female friends Can Men and Women be Friends?

A lot of other dating guru’s talk about the mystical “friend zone” and how you can escape it. This is particularly aimed at men, as a way for them to sell you some product. When I see this sort of nonsense on other sites it makes my eyes roll back and all of a sudden I have the urge to want to knock my head against wall. Lets cut the b/s and the friend crap. Can men and women be friends? Sure, but it is unusual and not the norm, and it requires both parties to get over certain “barriers” which usually doesn’t happen. It also really depends on what you mean by friend.  If you mean someone you talk to occasionally, and perhaps see 4-5 times a year, then sure, men and women can be friends. If you mean, your friends with another couple, that’s is, a guy and a girl couple that is friends with another guy and girl couple, then sure. If you mean by friend, meaning best friends, you see each other all the time? Then no, that is an instance where men and women can’t be friends. I know, their are always exceptions, but for the other 99.5% of the population, men and women are not going to have close friendships with one another for a variety of reasons. Lets talk about some. Read More…

Find your Diamond in the Rough

miranda cosgrove diamond Find your Diamond in the Rough

Because guys have a tendency to move to fast sexually with women, women rightfully think that all or most guys are dogs/players/womanizers/playboys that are only interested in sex. Its true, guys are interested in sex, and its also true that sex is all that some guys want. However their are good men out their looking for their diamond in the rough. The type of guy that has had his fun, but is now tired of the models and cocktail waitress and is looking for someone that is marriage material. They want that  woman  that stands out from the rest, the one that makes them go “wow who is that?” The type they could see something long term with: the family, kids, the house, the dog. These guys are typically the higher quality man who brings a lot to the table for a woman. They are grown men who are successful, intelligent, put together well. Their problem is they have a lot of opportunity with numerous women, because of their natural attractiveness. They don’t know how to find  or even spot for that mater, that diamond in the rough, that woman the offers more than just her looks to the equation. Read More…

How Conan O’brien became Sexy

conan sexy1 How Conan Obrien became Sexy

Conan O’brien and sexy are  two words that normally wouldn’t go very well together in the same sentence unless it was part of a joke leading up to a hilarious punch line. Tell you what though, it’s no joke, Conan is sexy. Surprised? I know what your thinking, because its what I was thinking. Isn’t sexy supposed to be Brad Pitt of Johnny Depp? That’s what girls like right? Not some 6′4″ late night talk show host with wavy red hair and pale white skin. Nope, a lot of girls find Conan to be a sexy man now. So how did he do it? And what can you take from it?

How Conan O’brien became Sexy Read More…

How Do I Meet the Right Guys Online?

right guys How Do I Meet the Right Guys Online? 

How do you meet the right guys online? As any girl knows, its no problem meeting men online. Their so aggressive, some girls wonder why wont he leave me alone? The problem is not meeting men, it’s meeting the right men. Not the men who live an Internet fantasy life, but men who are genuine. This is tricky since we all lie to some degree about ourselves online. Even you girls! Just in different ways. Here is the question:

So over the last 3 months I have signed up for two paid dating sites, Eharmony and  Since I’m new to online dating, I was really surprised at all the emails I got (I guess this is the norm for girls?). It felt really good to be getting lots of attention from what seemed to be quality gentlemen. So Long story short, I ended up going out with a handful of men and they ended up being NOTHING like they made themselves out to be. Two of the guys were so far removed from what their pics looked like I thought I was on MTV’s punked. Every single date led to my disappointment, and every single date has called me back for a second.

My question, what the hell am I doing wrong? How can I filter out real genuine guys from the ones who live a delousional Internet fantasy life and false advertise themselves? ( Also, I’m one of the few who actually put up actual recent pics of myself it seems). Read More…