Jewish Women Dating Arab Men – The New Threat!

dating arab men

Living in the US and being in my 20’s interracial dating, inter-religion dating, whatever, is just not a big of  a deal for many within my generation; so I am surprised to learn that this is not so in Israel.  All across Israel, Jewish men, in their 20’s and 30’s are forming vigilante groups to bother and hopefully end relationships between  Jewish girls who have an Arab boyfriend. This is becoming more and more of a problem as Israeli settlements penetrate deeper into Arab territory. What attracts these girls? Well if you ask the vigilante Jewish men, it is because:

arabs lure Jewish women with money and bad boy personalities

Really? A Jewish girl dating a cute Arab boy…big woop, don’t you have more important things to worry about like, being shot, stabbed or blown up? Ive always viewed interracial inter-religion relationships as a sort of ambassadorship to both cultures. As a bridge to creating unity. Heck, Barack Obama is the product of just this sort of thing. A white christian girl having a relationship with a black Kenyan Muslim man. It was taboo then and it still is a bit now. Racial tensions are not as bad as they were decades ago; but interracial relationships helped bring about unity over time, making it not a big deal. Shes dating a black man? He’s dating a white woman? So what. It is these sort of relationships that bring about peace and understanding, as it allows people to focus on things that actually matter and impact there daily lives, like crime, politics, and money, and not the white guy who married a nice Pakistani girl that lives 500 miles in another state minding their own business.

Just like Agent Smith from The Matrix it is inevitable Mr Anderson. Progress and change is inevitable and it is a bit pointless to try and stop it, as you can’t because  ideas are bullet proof (V for Vendetta). Even looking back at the turn of the century, before the great wars,  a Roman Catholic dating a Protestant was a big deal. It was actually not allowed by many priests of the times. Today, a Catholic marrying a Protestant is a complete non issue, as white dating Black, Asian, Hispanic, will be a non issue, as Jews dating Arabs will be a non issue, though it is not that way today, it will be someday.

beautiful fireworks

Creative Commons License photo credit: Wm Jas
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