November 2009

Find Love, Be Happy, Awesome

 dating sucks

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but one hard lesson I have learned is if you want a better life, with all the love, happiness, money, and experiences you can think off;  you must take it. Now pay attention, I did not say, “if you want a better life, go buy it.” or ”if you want a better life, try and win the lotto”. I said “take it“, meaning action. Once upon a time, not to long ago, I was down and out, living a quite life of desperation like many others. I had a job that I was not passionate about (only 35 yrs till retirement! ThenI can enjoy life yaaaay)  was dating someone who left me wanting more ( deeper connection). On the outside, everything looked good. Had a job, had a girl, was taking care of myself, but inside I was unhappy. I always thought man if I could go back in time I would do that, OR I wish things would work out a little better like this, or I wish I had that job, or I want to spend a month here… etc etc.  But I can’t, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the time, she won’t let me, I don’t want to end my relationship but I want to date someone else, my job is kinda in the way….all these I thought at one time or another and all of them are just excuses.

Would I be Better off being Young  and Free? 

Thinking like this is the first step to recovery, admit that parts of your life sucks and start changing your mindset from their!  To find love and be happiness in life required honesty and the action to take the life you want for yourself. Once you stop giving your power away to other things you realize that you have the power and your giving it away. Stop doing that. For me, it just dawned on me one day, wishing and hoping and dreaming about how I would like things to be, I just realized that I have nothing to really complain about. I’m young, debt free, good looking and educated. The fact that I have a job that take 70 hrs a week is because of my decisions, the fact that I’m dating someone I’m not sure about is my fault. I can do what ever the hell I want if I put my mind to it, or power in this case. Read More…

Jewish Women Dating Arab Men – The New Threat!

dating arab men

Living in the US and being in my 20’s interracial dating, inter-religion dating, whatever, is just not a big of  a deal for many within my generation; so I am surprised to learn that this is not so in Israel.  All across Israel, Jewish men, in their 20’s and 30’s are forming vigilante groups to bother and hopefully end relationships between  Jewish girls who have an Arab boyfriend. This is becoming more and more of a problem as Israeli settlements penetrate deeper into Arab territory. What attracts these girls? Well if you ask the vigilante Jewish men, it is because:

arabs lure Jewish women with money and bad boy personalities

Really? A Jewish girl dating a cute Arab boy…big woop, don’t you have more important things to worry about like, being shot, stabbed or blown up? Ive always viewed interracial inter-religion relationships as a sort of ambassadorship to both cultures. As a bridge to creating unity. Read More…

A Super Awesome Guide to Online Dating

online dating

Is online dating super awesome? It used to be the territory of the desperate, timid, socially awkward right? Lets throw in some people from the witness protection agency for fun too. Now-a-days with the advent of web 2.0 (think Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) there has been an explosion of dating sites, there as common as Starbucks and as popular. No doubt, online dating has become the modern day match maker, but instead of having your aunt preach the praises of the girl next door, or of her cute nephew. Its a do it yourself solution.

The biggest question most ask is where and how do you meet people that are date worthy? Once your done with school and your working full time it gets harder and harder. Are you going to meet the love of your life at a bar? At a friends party? Or maybe when your strolling through the mall? Maybe, but this is why online dating has become so popular. It is difficult to meet quality people if your single and on your own. Learning how to date online is critical because if you screw it up, your missing out on a wonderful way to meet a variety of people you never would. Read More…