Social Dating Trends

internet is for porn

Lets be honest, the internet is for porn and hooking up. Now with the advent of social media, using the internet for just that gets easier and easier. Lets be honest, as long as their has been an internet, people have used it to get action — from the way back days of aol chat rooms to today’s Twitter dates. Here are some  trends that you should know about:

1. The Rise of Non-Date Dating Sites. Hot or Notis a 6 million dollar a year dating site mascarading as a picture rating site. The 18-24 age group does not typically pay for memberships on dating sites, but is one of the biggest segments on Hot or Not because it does not come off as a typicall dating site. Also, Facebook is as much of a dating site as it is a social network. The apps in particular, Social Me/ Are you interested?/ Sparkey/ even Zoosk before it became an independet dating site; all help makeing Facebook a dating platform by allowing you to virtual message, poke, spank, whatever if your fancy to potential matches.

2. Ethno-centric. Sites that should come to mind are Jewish singles’ JDateand unmarried African Americans’ which show their is a market for ethnic-specific dating networks. and others are following their lead. Also, interracial dates sites are booming: IvoryandEbonyLove tagline is “dedicated to helping black and white singles make a love connection online.”  does the same for Asian Americans and African Americans.

3.  Target Niche categories, or making a new category all together.  92 million Americans are single. Lavalife, Ok Cupid,, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish and Yahoo Personalsare the networks where the majority of the single hang out. The chance of finding the right match often feels like a one-in-million or in this case, one in 92 million shot. Niche sites like Bisexual Passions, Deaf Dates,,, Bisexual Passions, Deaf Dates all target very specific groups/conditions/persuasion. One of the stranger ones is Treck Passions the 100% free sci-fi Star Trek dating site. WTF? Yea, I know. Some of these niches may seem throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks, but niche can often provide a valuable service for those with a medical condition. For example STD Friendscan find love and companionship without having to worry about the big reveal. Traffic is expectedly low on these sites, but that is missing the point. Having targeted traffic to your site translates into money, and making money is better than not making money.

The internet is for porn is reference to a funny song and here it is. Have a good laugh :)

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