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sealing the deal on love

Life is about selling, and your in it to close. Everyone has something to sell: A thing, idea, or even a dream. Sealing the deal is the only path to the life you want which makes selling  no joke. It is power, and those who have it use it form the worst manipulation, to promoting the highest ideals, or to just getting a date. You need to learn how to sell if you want to be successful in dating.

Craigslist Personals does not always come to mind when thinking about online dating. Depending on where you are, Craigslist is often a free alternative to the more expensive,, and gang. So how do you succeed on Craiglist? Women seem to be pretty good at online dating. Men on the other hand can often be horrible. If you want to sell yourself on Craigslist Personals you first should take a quick read of “how to get a date useing the problogger method“.  Problogger, for those of you unaware, is a site dedicated to introducing beginners to the concept of blogging for money. Often time, Problogger has top 10 lists. This list building style of writing is what the problogger method is. So, does it work? Here is Rich Menga’s take:

Does it work?Well, I’ll put it to you this way. I posted one in this style and got 5 real responses in less than 8 hours with no photo in my ad. For a person of the male persuasion on CL, that’s a roaring success. Any guy who uses CL knows this is true. You know how they say that if you don’t include a photo in your ad that you’ll never get a response? That’s bullshit because I proved it wrong.

For example, sell your self on Craiglist using “top 5 things you should know about me” or my “favorite after work date ideas”. This will seem a little silly at first, but the advantage is that 1) It gives you something to write that will be thoughtful 2) It starts a conversation and 3) it is always better for guys to make long messages. There is also and additional benefit to doing this. Many men are completely incompetent when using Craigslist. By taking an intelligent approach and standing out girls will take more notice of you.

Women reading this know, they make a non-threatening, g-rated post in the women looking for men and are barraged with men sending pics of their mediocre manhood. No surprise, this never works. So use this to your advantage. Much of your competion is not even half way decent. These deplorable men would be much better served sending out snappy quick fire messages to a variety of women instead of pics of their manhood. Once you sell yourself on Craigslist Personals properly, and  send the right messages. You should be able to dominate.

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