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I have been dating this guy for almost a year now and at the start of our relationship he said he felt like he hadnt slept with enough women. Its been months after but i still feel like he thinks about this a lot and that the more serious we get the higher the chances are that he will cheat. What do you guys think? and i would like a mans advice and comment on this as well! Thanks

This is a problem. If a guy has strong feelings for you, it won’t matter how many girls he has been with because he would love you and not want anyone else. Why? Because no one else would compare to you. Even if you were his first. No exceptions. You said you have been dating him for about  a year? So ask yourself, does he still feels this way? If your not sure then find out, ask his friends, and ask him. If he is dumb enough to tell the girl he has been dating for a year that he still has a desire to have sex with more girls, then it means he loves you but is not in love with you; and yes he will cheat if the opportunity presents itself. I have written about when to end a long term relationship, and it might be the case of that your in love with him, but he just likes you and is too much of a wuss to break it off for fear of being alone. However, if you ask him about it and he says, I love you, your the only one for me (and so forth) then you don’t have that much to worry about.

So what you need to do is 1) Find out if he still feels this way. If he does, then leave him. Learn from this relationship, and do not give it anymore of your time. I am dead serious. It is really important you find this out! Guys say stupid things because we can be a bit insensitive unintentionally. He said this at the start of the relationship because he was being completely honest with you, but also because the relationship was new and his feeling for you were new as well.  The relationship is at a point where it is getting more serious, so there is no excuse if he feels like he has not slept with enough girls yet. He wants to be with you, or he doesn’t. If he  wants to sleep with more girls, he’s gone, if he professes his love for you, then everything is good.
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  • Roshel September 20, 2009

    Girl I kno you said that you wanted a man’s advice bt let me just throw this at you. With men you want them to go out and cheat at lest once, Nw I know that sounds crazy but only one of two things is gonna happen, eitha he gonna find out that he doesn’t wanna be tied down ( which is you need to kno that soon so you don’t wast any more of your time.) or he’s gonna see that he anit missing nothing and wanna be with you. No matter which one he chooses you can sleep better at nite knowing where your relationship is goin. Gud Luck 4rm [email protected]

  • Jacob September 28, 2009

    guys are players, except this guys sounds like he has no game. Hasent slept with enough girls? Cmon, if my GF said that to me, i would be like WTF, I could never trust her, especially how girls get so horny when their drunk, anyway, just my thoughts.

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