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The Iphone has a crazy amount of apps, the “girlfriend keeper” might be one of the more fun ones. You can pick it up for a buck (.99 cents us). First off, the app’s name is pretty ironic as it shows off nicely the emotional capacity us men sometimes have.  When I set this one up, that Jay Z song, “Girls Girls Girls” kept playing my head for some reason.

Keeping up with your girlfriend can be such a pain, “you don’t say nice things like you used to” your girlfriend is always telling you. Well this app attempts to fix that, and is either a fun and silly take on flirtation or its the most lazy way to say I love you! You set up the app to send generically customized texts, e-mails, or both to your special person, and all you do is sit back and relax and let the app take care of all that emotional stuff women love.  Nothing says ”thinking of you” more than an auto responder! Head’s up to the play playas out their. Girlfriend Keeper It is set up for one person at a time, so don’t buy this app and plan on managing multiple girls. Although, I suppose you could keep one on autopilot with this and really work over someone new. I’m sure in the future they will update the app for multiple relationships. Also, the app also keeps a history of all the love notes you sent, might not be a bad idea to read through once in a while what you’ve been sending.

Another inovative part of the app is you can set  the frequency of messages and “relationship level” : strangers, casual dating, heating up, serious or married. Though some of the messages are pretty silly, if not downright stupid and confusing: “A flee jumps 130x its size, can you beat that?” Wow that is soo charming.

So does it work and could you actually get away with it? First off, if you have someone that your serious about, take the time to give them the attention that they want. Using this app is a bit too risky. The texts could be interpreted as coming from you, and the messages range from mild, hot, to flat out insane; but there is no masking where the emails are coming from, even if you set it up with <[email protected]>. Not particularly stealth huh? So, use this app for fun, but you run the chance of pissing off your girlfriend if she finds out you have been using automated messages to show you care about her, she just might end up texting you back L8R!

Straight Up:If you’re too lazy to text, your probobly too lazy for a girlfriend. Philip Defranco has some funny commentary on the matter, enjoy.

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  • Brian September 28, 2009

    haha, cool vid, i have to check that app out.

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