Flirting tips: How to talk to girls at the gym

attractive girl working out

Some guys got it and others do not.  Looks, charm, money, and that really hot girl you keep wishing you had.  Life is not always fair, but instead of feeling sorry for yourself, take responsibility for your life and your situation. Know that where you are in life today is only a result of previous decisions, and that anyone, and I mean anyone, can change their life for the better. Just ask Jeremy Schoemaker. There is no reason why you can’t have what your truly desire most. It just takes WORK. So lets get into some flirting tips to help with talking to girls. Lets talk about the “on the way out” approach.

One of many things you need to do it build up your confidence. Particularly with girls. You need to know how to talk to girls. Looks are important, but confidence and status are also equally important. By coming of as a wuss by lacking confidence and being intimidated to start a conversation with a sexy as hell girl, you are lowering your status, and that is not at all attractive to any girl. If you come off like she is doing you a favor by talking with you, or you think your not on the same level, that she could never go for you,  or your bothering her. Then that is how it is exactly going to play out.

On the way out

A good way of talking to girls at the gym is using the “on the way out” approach.  It’s a flirting tip, not a pickup approach designed to ask for a number or a date, it’s just a way for you to open up communication with someone your attracted to, break the ice so to speak, build confidence in yourself, and get the girl to talk to you!

First off, the on the way out approach only works in an environment where you will see the girl again and again, like a gym, or a college class. It is not designed for a random encounter at a bar or club. So here is how it works. Let’s take the gym example. Your working out, and you see an attractive girl time and time again, and would like to talk to her, but don’t want to come off as bothering her. Now a gym may not seem like a great place to socialize, as most are their to work out, but this is just an excuse your coming up with in your head to prevent you from taking action.

What you do is that when your all set with your work out and your ready to head home, wait till your target is stretching, or doing sit-ups. Not on a treadmill, not on an elliptical, not when she is weight training, not when she is working out and listening to her ipod. Most gym’s have a separate room for stretching, sit-ups, push-ups. With mats, medicine balls, etc. This is the best place to talk to girls at a gym.  It also works best if you attend the gym regularly, and see the girl regularly, (and  she sees you).  Why? You need to pay attention to her, and what she is doing. This will help you when you approach her.When you approach her, your goal is to make small talk, so  be playful but respectful. For example, she is always listening to her ipod. When you see her stretching, approach her asking “I see you here all the time, I have to ask you,what music are you listening to? You seem so into your workout. I could really use your soundtrack”. Then she will tell you, talk about that for a little bit, tell her “thanks or that’s all I wanted to know, I need to get back to my workout/heading home line.  Ask her for her name before you leave, then say cool -name of girl- see you around. That’s it. Not too difficult right? This simple interaction breaks the ice and establishes a connection. Next time you see her, it will not be a big deal to ask her how are you -name of girl-? It also builds up your confidence and makes you more comfortable talking to girls, and talking to girls at the gym.

Flirting Tips to Remember

Go to the gym regularly. As I said before, you need to pay attention to the girl. I used music in my example. This may not apply always to the girl you are eyeing. Tell her your leaving, or have to get back to your work out. The point of this was to break the ice and get her talking to you. Ultimately she may or may not be interested in you. However you will never know until you talk to her.  Breaking the ice will allow you to gauge how she feels about you, it also overcomes the fact that your at a gym, and most people at a gym are their to work out. Girls make this mistake as well, approaching guys they never meet and trying to start a long conversation. Most of the time the other person wants to finish working out, unless there is an attraction. So, by introducing your self, being respectful of her time, and playful in approach. Your all set to start a conversation with the girl next time you see her. Build from their. You can now find out if she is interested or not, or if she has a boyfriend. At the very least girls like feeling sexy and desired, by using the “on the way out” flirting tip you probably made her day, which is always a nice thing to do. Good luck, see you in the comments.

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