A Man’s love is loyalty. Your love is different.

Ro e Kat
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tempo no tempo (No Video)

Men and women are very different creatures.  Girls, understand that a man’s love  is different. To put it as simply:  A man’s love is loyalty. Girls love is nurturing, emotional,  heartfelt, all consuming. The kind of love that make’s it so  she can’t see herself with anyone else, because no one else should compare.  She is completly loyal, and loyalty is what love is to us men.

We want you to show your love to us by being loyal to us. This means you stand by us no matter what. We get laid off and arent drawing  a pay check, your not going to be gone as soon as the money is. We get deployed over-seas and won’t be comming home at night for months, its not time for a part-time boyfriend. Your out with your girlfriends and are being hit on by very attractive men, we want from the bottom of your heart, to not even think of cheating, to be like ” I am in love with (your name here)  and I don’t want anyone else.

Thats our love. Loyalty.  It is pretty simple, beautiful and powerful. Different from your love, but just as amazing. If your loyalty is real and unbreakable, then you can trust that your man come hell or high water will do anything for you, over come any obstacle, all just to see you happy.

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  • T Fisher August 27, 2009

    Sorry but bunch of sh!t – Men are natural born players/warriors! I take it you are in the militery or something and worried about your women?

  • David September 6, 2009

    T Fisher,

    Thanks for your comments. I agree, men can be natural born players/warriors. However, this advice is directed at women not men. Guys are all kind of the same, when dating someone we need three things generally, support, loyalty, and sex. This post was about the loyalty part. In regards to me being worried about my woman, while I do draw on my experiences, don’t read too much into what I write, this is not a personal blog.

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